LA Clippers Dance Squad

S1 Ep6

It’s the Friday before the first May bank holiday weekend and I’m waiting for my husband to finish work so I’m lazing on the sofa and watching LA Clippers Dance Squad.

I don’t know what appealed to me about this show but I saw it advertised and added it to the TV planner and have been watching for six weeks now.

If you looked at me it’s probably not the type of programme you would think I’d watch.  I am not a dancer, I have never danced and I don’t even have the figure for it but I like to observe the human interaction and understand a different way of life.

Six episodes in we’re getting to know some of the ladies of the LA Clippers Dance Squad now.

This episode has featured a lot of Natalie who is a veteran dancer but who seems to be having a bit of trouble this year with dancing in step with the other girls.  I have no idea how the choreographer or dance instructor can pick out that she’s a beat behind the other girls as my rookie eye can’t spot it at all.  I suppose that’s why I’m sitting on the sofa and they are teaching the dances!

It’s a strange career to me.  When you start dancing you must know that it’s a really short lived career and you’re going to need to find something else to do in a few years.  This seems to be where Natalie is as she went to try out for a TV job.  It didn’t go well but I don’t think it would come naturally to many people.  I suppose you need to do a lot of auditions and have a lot of practice before it comes across natural.  I guess we’ll see if she survives the rest of the year in the team or if her time is up…

The rest of the programme was mainly focused on Blair and her birthday celebrations.  It ended with one of those awkward parties where friends and family mix and her Mum met her boyfriend for the first time.

If I’m honest, this probably wasn’t the best episode to start my blog with because it wasn’t overly exciting but let’s hope the show improves and I’ll have something a bit more juicy to write about.

The clip for next week shows the return of Athena.  What’s she up to now?!  Is she out of the Clippers Dance Squad still or is she coming back.  When she was in the Squad she never really integrated with the other girls and none of them tried to be friends with each other so I don’t really understand why she keeps torturing herself by forcing contact with one or more of the girls still in the squad.

I guess I’ll have to wait and find out what she’s up to.

Have you been watching the series so far?  Any favourites people or moments?  Are you going to stick with it or have you had enough?  What’s your motivation for watching?  If you’re a dancer, is it anything like you’ve experienced?


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