Newlyweds: The First Year

S2 Ep4

I’m about to start watching episode 4 of season 2 of this show and I’m so glad it’s back!

My first year of marriage was a long time ago now but it’s really interesting to see how different couples cope.

The lead up to your wedding is a very odd time as the occasion takes on a life of its own and you don’t really live in reality for a while so it can be a bit of a wake up call once the wedding is done and you realise that life must now go on.

Season 1 of this show was brilliant.  We met four couples Kimberly & Alaska, Jeff & Blair, Tina & Tarz and Kathryn & John.  It was hard to pick a ‘favourite’ couple from this bunch but I’d have to go with Tina & Tarz – maybe because Tina tweeted me back (and because of her amazing shoe collection).  It was a shame that Jeff & Blair didn’t make it but it was a great first series.

Now season 2 is here and it’s just as good.  This time we have Laura & Samantha, Erik & Nadine, Kirk & Laura and Rouvaun & Toi.

Three episodes in the couple are all married and starting to settle into ‘normal’ life.

Erik and Nadine are great.  They had a big old row on their honeymoon (but a lot of couples probably do).  Now they are back to normal life and Nadine is ready for a child but Erik isn’t.  Nadine took a pregnancy test because she was unwell and when it was negative she was massively disappointed and Erik was relieved.

In this show Erik keeps referring to it as a ‘pregnancy scare’ so it says to me that he’s not really up for it!  He is, however, going shopping to cook Nadine a Valentine’s Day dinner and he has no idea what most of the foods are – he’s lived on his own for a number of years before he got married so I find it hard to believe he didn’t have to shop for himself before?

Nadine’s brother is helping Erik cook a Middle Eastern meal but it seems a bit of a strained relationship to me.  The brother seems to live with them so it can’t be easy but Kirk appears to be faking not knowing what he’s doing to the brother will do the cooking – clever!

Whoa!  Big turn around, Erik’s telling Nadine that they should start trying for a baby.  I didn’t see that one coming!  Now big surprise, she’s taken a pregnancy test and she’s pregnant.  They always have a couple on here who get pregnant easily and immediately.  That is so very unrepresentative of how it really works!

Kirk and Laura are in a similar situation.  Laura wants to come off the pill and start trying for a baby.  Kirk wants to continue being the ‘baby’ of the house buying himself toys and spending a lot of money on a fish tank…  He has older children who are at graduation age.

Kirk’s Dad is 63 years old and has 6 year old twins with a woman who just wiped her nose on a linen napkin in a restaurant!  Kirk has told Laura that he doesn’t want to put off having a baby for as long as he thought he wanted to.  Not entirely sure what that means?

Sam and Laura are a really sweet couple but with a lifestyle that must be difficult due to Sam being heir to a fortune and Laura being supported by her while she writes her book.  They are just getting ready to go on their honeymoon this episode and are being brave and going all over the place so have had to get various injections.

If you’re a highly stressed out person why would you leave it so late to go to the airport.  You’re driving through New York and you don’t leave hours to get to the airport?!  Must be crazy!  During the 15 hour plane journey Sam decides it’s time to write her Will.  Imagine how terrifying that would be if you was a passenger and saw that!  I’d be wondering what she knew that I didn’t.

Their honeymoon looks amazing.  They are seeing some really beautiful places.  It’s the sort of holiday I’d like to be brave enough to take but know that I never will be.  Not sure I’d sit on an elephant though, that looks a bit terrifying, however dinner on the beach looked amazing.

Rouvaun & Toi are probably my favourite couple this season.  Toi has lupus and has suffered quite a lot of sickness and Rouvaun has been incredibly sweet.  Toi is one of those women that I can’t help but admire, she always looks so well turned out, neat hair and perfect make-up, even when she’s not well.  I might wear a bit of mascara if I feel fantastic otherwise forget it, it’s a good day if I put moisturiser on.

Rouvaun & Toi have a nutritionist around and are being weighed and finding that – like most of us – once you get married you put on weight!!

So, end of programme my verdict is this.  I’m still enjoying it but I don’t understand why all of the couples are so obsessed with having children as soon as they get married?  Is it because people get married later in life and feel like they haven’t got the time to wait?  Is it because that’s what society expects of a married couple?

Are you watching?  Who you do love/loathe?  How do you think the marriages will pan out?


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