Angie Tribeca


I saw the adverts for this on the TV and I wasn’t sure whether it looked funny or stupid but I decided to give it a try…

My husband and I sat and watched this half hour programme and after a few seconds we were looking at each other wondering if we were really seeing what was on screen.

I saw that Steve Carell was a writer and producer and I usually love his work so I tried really hard to like it but it’s hard!

Think Naked Gun and you’re not far off of what to expect from this programme.  The problem is that Naked Gun was funny in the 80’s but is so dated now.  Comedy has moved on but Angie Tribeca returns you to a real slapstick era where the punch lines and set ups are all so obvious that by the time they are revealed it’s just not funny.

The pilot was as predictable as expected and, unfortunately, for me this was a total miss.  It’s debatable whether I’ll watch the next episode because when it ended my husband looked at me and said, ‘that’s half an hour of our lives we’ll never get back’ and I couldn’t help but agree.

Before you draw the conclusion that I have no sense of humour and don’t appreciate ‘childish’ humour I absolutely love Impractical Jokers and that makes me laugh out loud.


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