Married by Mum & Dad

Season 1 – episode 7

I grant you that we’re nearing the end of this series so it’s quite late to catch up as so much has happened already but if you’ve been watching this it’s been a treat!

Before I get into the episode that I’ve just watched I think it’s worth a little catch up.

I honestly can’t imagine taking part in a programme like this.  What happens in your life, and on dates, that you end up here thinking that this is the best thing for you.  I suppose though that your parents are the people in your life that you trust the most so if you’ve had a disastrous track record you may think that handing this over to your parents is for the best.

I’m pretty sure that my parents wouldn’t have picked my husband though.  On paper we probably don’t work at all but we’ve been very happily married for ten years now.  There was a connection and something just clicked and I just knew that he was ‘the one’.  Imagine meeting your betrothed and having nothing like that but being expected to marry them because they are the sort of person you can grow to love because you have similar interests.

Let’s say this: this process wouldn’t be for me but I respect the individuals who have taken this route because it makes great viewing and I also think they are very brave to commit to marry the person chosen for them – of course the first guy chosen for Christina Rollyson pulled out of the process but that was in past episodes…

So, on to episode 7…


Mitch is the son whose wife is being chosen for him.  His Mum, Dad and Dad’s girlfriend have chosen Emily and today is their wedding day.

I will be really, really interested to see how this one pans out (and I’m avoiding an internet search until the season has finished because I don’t want to ruin it).  Mitch comes across well but there is something about Emily that makes me feel really uneasy.  It feels like she’s hiding something massive.  At her wedding she didn’t have any family there and not a single friend.  When the producer was interviewing her and asked her about it she got very defensive and told them, ‘I’m not going to do this.’

I think Mitch’s parents were concerned about the fact that no family or friends were there but not enough to stop their son marrying her.

Perhaps Mitch’s friends summed it up perfectly when they said about the marriage, ‘We shall see!’  I agree!

They seemed very smiley at the wedding but there was a real awkwardness to their drive to his house and that evening back in his house alone.  I’m very interested to see the period after the wedding and if they make a go of it.


John is the son and in this episode his parents asked Chandler to marry him over the phone.

We saw this family a few times in this episode and it ended with Chandler meeting John’s parents in a wedding dress shop.  She then hides in the changing room so John’s parents can reveal which bride they have picked for him.

John’s parents seem the most down to earth and sweetest of all of the parents in this programme.  They seem to have really enjoyed the process and are excited to marry off their son.

I’ll think we’ll be seeing a lot more of this couple next week from the sneak preview so we’ll see if John is happy with his parents choice or would he rather they’d picked Christina?


We saw very little of Marivic and her family this episode.  At the end of last episode Marivic’s Dad had told her that he doesn’t want to take part anymore and it was over.  This episode saw Marivic’s Mum telling her the same thing.

To be honest, I don’t think any of the guys shortlisted and shown on the programme were well suited to Marivic anyway.  If I were Marivic I would be asking myself if it was worth ruining my relationship with my parents for a punt on a stranger.

Marivic was getting very upset because she thinks this is her ‘last ditch effort at giving marriage a try’.  I admit that I am happy that I’ve found my ‘one’ and having each other is wonderful but I wouldn’t have married anyone just to be married.

The sneak preview to next week for Marivic shows her Dad apologising so they might be giving it one last try but we’ll see.


Christina is the daughter and her Dad and step Mum are trying to find her a husband.  She’s had one abortive wedding day already but she’s having another try and this episode saw her Dad and step Mum ask Tom to be her husband and meet her for the first time at the end of the altar and say ‘I do’.

It’s a big ask to find someone that doesn’t want to meet their fiancé before the wedding day but they’ve found someone who will go with it.

Christina’s Dad and step Mum are lovely and this family is my favourite from the show so I’m looking forward to seeing the wedding and what they think of each other, an opinion they’ll only be able to form after they’re married.

The parents have chosen Tom as someone that Christina will learn to grow in love with.  I adore my husband but after ten years of marriage and more than twelve years of being together I still get excited about seeing him after a days work because there was, and still is, a spark.  Is someone that you can learn to love enough?

It looks at though Christina’s next wedding day is coming up next week so not too long to wait until we find out how things went.

If you’ve been watching this series then let me have your take on what you’ve seen and what you think of the couples.  If you haven’t then it’s a pretty easy programme to catch up with.  Have a watch and tell me what your gut instinct is about the couples.  In the UK it is currently being shown on TLC.


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