Time to Say Goodbye

Nope, I haven’t given up on this blog already!

It is however time to say goodbye to some of the TV shows that we’ve grown to love…

As I sit and watch the final episode of Agent Carter season 2 I’m disappointed to see that this is one of the shows that has been axed.  I’ve enjoyed the quirky characters and relationships between them.  It’s such a shame that it’s been cancelled as I think it had real legs and could have gone far.

I’m also disappointed to see that Rookie Blue hasn’t been renewed but I’m not surprised.  The whole concept of Rookie Blue was that it was ‘rookie’ officers joining the police.  After a number of years the ‘rookies’ are now fully fledged officers so this had to end really.  It’s been good and it’s probably best that it goes before it gets boring.

The Good Wife has also gone.  It’s been good but it probably is about time.  This last season has got a bit boring.  It’s started to go round in circles.

I’m unsurprised to see Mike & Molly on the list.  I really enjoyed it to begin with but stopped watching after a couple of seasons.  It was all too predictable and stopped being funny.

Now, the next one confuses me, Under the Dome.  Wasn’t that cancelled a while ago??  This had a brilliant season one, an ok season two and just got really far fetched.

There is quite a comprehensive list but these were the only ones that I watched and was bothered about.

The full list of shows so far is here:  http://www.hypable.com/2016-tv-shows-canceled-renewed/

Can you see the fate of any of your favourite shows on the list?


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