Newlyweds: The First Year

I’ve watched a couple of episodes of this show.  I was sitting watching episode 5 and making notes and I realised that these programmes on real life are interesting because they are entertaining and voyeuristic but in all honesty not that much actually happens.  I think this is representative of actual life though.  You have periods where a lot is going on but then weeks where you just go through the daily routine without anything exceptional happening.

So, having watched episodes 5 and 6 what has gone on?

Sam & Laura
Let’s start with the couple where the least is going on.  They have now been married around five months and people are asking them when they are going to have children.  (I still find it funny that people think it’s ok to ask newlyweds that question – when else do people ask about your sex life?!)

Laura thinks they should have children in about five years but Sam thinks they should do it straight away so they visit the fertility doctor to find out what they need to do  They are told that it’ll cost $10-£15,000 per insemination.  Understandably they looked quite shocked!

In the following episode they are visiting LA, where they used to live.  Sam expresses that she has regrets about leaving LA.  They have lunch with their friends Kelly and Kerry who are also planning their wedding but it gets a bit awkward when they have a mini row about the fact Laura wasn’t allowed a friend at their wedding while Sam had a lot of friends there that had been ‘more than friends’.  You may remember Sam kissing one of her guests rather passionately?!

They finish this episode in a strip club with Laura getting a lap dance and a cake for her birthday.

Toi & Rouvaun

Episode 5 follows them going to Toi’s son’s graduation.  The camera pans around their house and there are bags and bags of luggage.  It seems to be a brief trip but there’s a whole lot of luggage.  It’s reassuring to know I’m not the only one who can’t do ‘travelling light’.  You never know what you’re going to need so I can sympathise.

However, I was really unsurprised when they missed their flight.  They were still at home and there was less than 90 minutes until their flight departed.  Much as I hate to fly (I have a nut allergy so it’s a real headache) I will be at the airport hours before the flight rather than risk being late.

Next morning they are in the hotel in their pyjamas while Toi’s son is on the phone telling them that the car park is filling up…  It all turns out well though and they successfully make the graduation.

Episode 6 follows them as they have to move after being given notice by their landlord.  I suppose you should guess that if someone doesn’t travel light then they are going to have a lot of ‘stuff’ when they move.  Rouvaun employs what he calls the ‘scoop method’ to get the packing done.  It’s what you imagine!  Tipping drawers and scooping surfaces into boxes and then taping them up.

The new house down the road is a bit smaller so trying to fit in Toi’s clothing and Rouvaun’s pool table is proving tricky.  Toi tells the camera that the art of being a good spouse is sometimes just to say ‘ok honey’.  This works and they compromise on his pool table and her closet space.

Erik & Nadine

Last time we found out that Erik & Nadine were pregnant and episode 5 shows them going for their 9 week scan.

Nadine then goes for coffee with her friends.  One of them has a baby and is telling her how it changes everything and is like torture – something I’m sure you want to hear when newly pregnant!  Nadine is well known by friends and family for needing 9 to 10 hours sleep a night.  Her friend basically laughs and tells her that part of her life is over.

Nadine and Erik then babysit their friends baby who just cries the entire time they have her.  When she’s collected Erik reveals that he feels like he’s been let out of a prison sentence.  Oh dear – that doesn’t bode well!

Episode 6 shows them looking at an apartment with Nadine’s Dad as he is moving to the area.  They also need to tell her Dad that Erik was married before.

Erik goes to the doctors office to find out the sex of their baby.  They receive the news in a sealed envelope and give it to Nadine’s Dad to open.  They’re having a girl.  They then tell him about Erik’s first marriage.  His first reaction is to get up and go out to smoke but when he comes back in he’s fine with it and it’s time to move on.

Kirk & Laura

I feel for this couple.

Episode 5 starts with them at the gym.  Kirk is on a diet but Laura comments that it’s not going very well.  They reveal that they are now trying for a baby so she wants to do cardio 6 times a week and strength training 3-4 times a week.  Can you tell that her job is fitness related??

We then see Kirk going into the bathroom and finding a positive pregnancy test.  Kirk then has some worries that when the baby comes there will be less attention paid to him but he doesn’t dwell on this for very long as at their sonogram they find a pregnancy sack but no embryo.

Episode 6 follows their agonising journey.  Laura tells the audience that she was told that a miscarriage had occurred but when she went for her D&C the doctor stopped before the procedure as there had been progress from the first scan.  They then had a five day wait until a new sonogram was done.

Day by day you could see the emotional rollercoaster.  Trying to stay positive and hope that things will turn out ok and that the baby will be there and will survive.  They both reveal how frustrated they are with the wait.

The episode ends on the sad news that they have suffered a miscarriage.  Obviously they are both incredibly emotional and there is a grieving process to go through.

Like I said to begin with.  The journey of life under a microscope shows how little happens but how much happens.  Tiny instances can snowball into much bigger things and you can experience a complete roller coaster of emotions in a very short space of time.

Are you watching?  Are you enjoying it?  Can you relate to any of the couples?


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