Return of The Great British Sewing Bee

I have never been artistic with fabrics or material and have not sat at a sewing machine since I was little and my Nan let me and my sister sew all manner of things BUT I love this programme.

There’s a new female judge this time but the male judge remains the same and, most importantly, Claudia Winkleman is still presenting.  I like Claudia’s presenting style, she is to the Sewing Bee, what Mel and Sue are to the Bake Off.

First challenge was to create a chevron top cut on the bias.  What I thought was lovely was that when contestants were struggling others were happy to give them a hand.  They are in a competition but it’s not at the expense of being a nice person.

Jamie’s red and black top was brilliant, it looked pretty professional.  I think we have one to watch.

Josh had a few problems with cutting out and that would have been me, I probably would have cut the things over and over and still ended up with no chevron top!

The alteration challenge comes next.  They are given a maternity dress and have to turn it into a dress to fit the mannequin.

Let’s be honest, the dress they were given was pretty vile.  A solid colour and totally shapeless.

As the camera pans around and sees what the sewers are doing most of them are making a skirt.  It seems like a boring option but I wouldn’t have a clue where to start so they’re cleverer than me doing anything with it!

The judges are very disappointed with the array of skirts.  They are all pretty boring and I think I could have had a stab at making a skirt from the dress having seen these.

Jamie and Joyce are the two that clearly stand out in this challenge but in the end Jamie wins again.

Their first big challenge is to make a skirt for their live model.  There were some amazing skirts produced.  I think Jade’s skirt was my favourite.  Huge impact and really interesting.

Josh’s skirt was also beautiful, I’d wear that, the black and white fabric is really pretty.

So that’s it, the first show is over.

The garment of the week went to Angeline’s skirt.  A good choice I think, it was really pretty.

The first to leave was Duncan and I think it was the right choice.  He made some good garments but I think if he’d have stayed longer then he would have been left behind.

I’m so glad that the Sewing Bee is back and I can’t wait to see what else they come up with.

Are you just enjoying the show or are you a seamstress looking for inspiration and ideas?


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