The Great British Sewing Bee – Episode 2

I’m sorry!  I’ve fallen behind due to having a holiday but I’m trying to catch up.  I know there has been a week of making lingerie but I’m still on baby and children week here so bear with me.

The first challenge was making a babygro.  This is a challenge that I would take one look at, collect some soft material and then go and sit at my sewing machine and weep.  The garment is tiny and there were so many pieces to it but even the bad ones were pretty good.  I’m sure this challenge was only undertaken so that the word gusset could be used repeatedly!

My favourite babygro was made by Jade but was surprised when she came second.  I don’t think there will be anyone who doesn’t agree that Ghislaine produced the poorest of all babygro’s: she did have real gusset problems!

The alteration challenge was interesting.  The challenge was to turn a bridesmaid dress into a garment for a child.

Angeline’s mermaid creation wasn’t very nice and her face was a picture when she was told that there was too much stuff on it.  She came an unsurprising 8th in the challenge.

My favourite outfit was by Tracey; it was the petals dress and looked very effective from a distance.  I think a lot of children would have enjoyed wearing that.  I was surprised she only placed 3rd.

Josh’s gilet was a nice idea but it was so tiny!  I was shocked when Ghislaine won this challenge with her boxing outfit.  It was cute but it wasn’t very well executed when they zoomed in on some of edges.

The final challenge was to make capes for children.  On the face of it, it did seem like a much easier challenge than the babygro but watching them make the capes I changed my mind.

The ones that I wasn’t keen on were by John and Ghislaine.  I think they were too small and too short.  I think a cape should be more than just a shoulder covering.

Jamie’s cape was nice and looked like something an old school master would have worn.  Rumana’s cape was a bit dull but looked very well made.  Tracey’s butterfly cape was pretty.  Jade’s cape was my favourite with the pom poms, it was just a shame there were a couple of buttons missing.  Angeline’s cape was very dull from the front but the bit of detail on the back was well done.

I had already guessed that Ghislaine would be going home for her terrible babygro and poor cape.

I didn’t expect Angeline to win garment of the week with her cape.  It wouldn’t have been my choice but I’m no sewing expert.

Lingerie up next.  This is definitely something that you don’t think of running up on your sewing machine so it’ll be very interesting to see where you start when making these garments!

Are you enjoying the series?  Who’s your winner at this stage?


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