Married by Mum & Dad – the final two episodes

Married by Mum & Dad is a show that I have really enjoyed.  My opinions of the people on it have flip-flopped completely and it ended with Christina being my favourite person on there.

Let’s go through person by person.


In previous weeks Marivic’s Dad told his daughter that they had not found a suitable candidate and he did not want to continue with the process.  They were both upset but built their bridges.  She told her Dad that all of her friends were getting married and having children and she wanted to be in the same situation.

I was worried that she was grasping at straws with the whole process when she started to talk about Steve again.  Her Dad told her in no uncertain terms to put the process behind her and move on.

You may not have what you imagined at a certain stage of life but that’s no reason to settle for something because it’s easy.  I would never be with just anybody because it was preferable to being on your own.  In the words of Ru Paul ‘If you don’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else’.

In the end Marivic saw that her Dad was right and respected him for finishing with the process when they hadn’t found the right person for her.  A great partner is out there somewhere but limiting yourself to someone who wants to meet their future spouse via the parents and on TV is probably limiting your pool of candidates somewhat.

John (& Chandlar)

This was not destined for success from the time he admitted that he was having second thoughts and wasn’t sure that this was the correct way to meet a partner.

I thought his parents made a very valid point in relation to them taking their vacation from work to help him with this.  His Dad said it was a waste of time as the partner they picked for him he didn’t marry.

There were some very awkward moments between the two of them and it seemed to me that Chandlar wanted to marry him a lot more than he wanted to marry her.  The fact that when he told them he was not marrying her he also said that he would not continue to date her told me that she was very wrong for him.

I can understand getting cold feet about marrying a stranger but if you feel any type of connection then continuing to date them would be the way to go.

The only nice thing for John’s parents to come from the programme was that he moved closer to where they live.  John didn’t seem ready to settle down yet so I can’t imagine him married any time soon.

Mitch (& Emily)

Now, here’s a couple that were the definition of awkward!

By this stage they were married.  The morning after the wedding Mitch had already lost his wedding ring but it was a short lived panic as he found it in the laundry basket.  Panic over they headed off on their honeymoon.

The honeymoon didn’t seem very nice to me.  They were trying to get to know each other but Emily seemed to have her guard up the whole time and was telling Mitch that she thought having a ring on her finger would make her trust him but she didn’t.  It’s a bit of a conversation stopper over a ‘romantic’ honeymoon meal.

There was then a party where Emily finally introduced some of her friends to some of his friends.  One of Emily’s friends was obsessed with asking if Mitch was gay.  She wouldn’t drop the subject and Emily wasn’t willing to tell her friend to stop her questioning so Mitch left the party.

Mitch and Emily had no contact for four days after that.  She did eventually come back to his apartment and Mitch confirmed that he no longer wished to continue with the marriage.

It always felt to me as if Emily was hiding something.  I’d love to know what her secret was but I guess it’s one of those things that we’ll never know.  I don’t understand her motivation for doing the show if she was so guarded and closed off from the experience.

Christina (& Tom)

Last, but by no means least, we move onto my favourite couple.

To begin with I thought that Christina was very high maintenance and she was crazy for wanting to meet her husband at the alter but she was a lady with a dream and nothing was going to get in the way of that dream.

Her Dad and Becky were the perfect people to pick her husband and they made a great choice.

Tom’s friends were all at the wedding and very supportive of him but all agreed that it was not something any of them would be prepared to try.

Before Christina walked down the aisle her Dad reminded me of my Dad.  He was inspiring and filled her with confidence reminding her that it was her day and her time and she should enjoy it.

Immediately after the wedding Christina did seem to have a minor panic that she’s just married a complete stranger but they are both in the same situation and what they do differently to the others is address it and talk about it.

Tom is the perfect gentleman and keeps surprising Christina on their honeymoon with lovely experiences and gifts and he even arranges a romantic proposal.

By the end of the programme they are living in the same house after Christina having a wobble about being ready to live with him.  They were even loosely discussing starting a family.

I’m glad it worked out for one of the couples and I hope they stick at it and work to make their marriage work.

Marriage is not easy whether you have known the person for years or just met them.  It takes work and devotion to each other and Christina and Tom do seem to recognise this.

I’m hoping there will be a catch up show in the near future to see what they’ll all up to…

Did you watch it?  Is it something that you would ever sign up for?  Do you think your parents would have picked your current partner?


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