The Great British Sewing Bee – 3 & 4

Having a holiday and keeping a blog about TV shows don’t really go together!

I’ve been watching as much TV as I can to try and catch up.  One day last week my husband and I watched 11 episodes back-to-back of Quantico.  I thought we’d recorded the whole season so we could watch it all.  Turns out there are 22 episodes so we’re nowhere close.  It’s good though.  Every time you think you have a suspect there is a massive twist and your number one culprit couldn’t possibly have done it.  I’m being cryptic on purpose.  If you don’t watch it then it won’t make sense but if you do I don’t want to give anything away.

Anyway, I’ve watched the last two episodes of the Sewing Bee so I’m back up to date with that.

What happened in those two episodes?  We have now lost all of the men from the competition.  I picked Jamie in week one to go far but alas he was out at the end of episode 3 and Josh departed at the end of episode 4.  I wouldn’t have agreed but I’m skipping ahead.

Week 3 was lingerie week.  Lingerie is not something I’ve ever looked at and thought about making.  It’s true to say I’ve not made anything to wear but I look at a simple skirt or shift dress and think that I could have a go whereas lingerie – never.

The first challenge was to make a bra.  Before the pattern was revealed Josh told the camera that a bra would be his most dreaded item so it was no surprise when the pattern was revealed!

Charlotte seemed to know what she was doing and chose lovely colours and came in 2nd.  Angeline had a disaster by not finishing her bra and came 8th.  Joyce won the challenge but if I’d have been picking I’d have given it to Charlotte.

The alteration challenge was to make three silk scarves into an item of lingerie so there were mainly cami tops on show.  Tracey did a lovely job and came 1st but I liked Angeline’s and she came in 3rd.  No one really had any idea what it was that Josh has made so he was placed 8th.

The final challenge was to make a dressing gown.  The three that stood out for me were Charlotte, Jade and Angeline.  I wasn’t surprised that Charlotte won garment of the week with her dressing gown, it was very pretty.  It was a shame that Jamie left, I think the lingerie just tripped him up completely.

Week 4 was international week so the pattern challenge was a Chinese style top with a Mandarin collar.  This was definitely a ‘where do I start’ challenge.  The top was made from a fragile and slippery material, it had darts, a stand up collar and an asymmetric opening at the front.

I loved the orange fabric that Joyce used but she was placed last as she had done her own thing and not followed the pattern to the letter.  In a pattern challenge that’s quite important.

All of the sewers had an issue with the zip and the edge binding but they all made a finished piece.

When I first saw Josh’s fabric I hated it but at the end his was the one I liked the most.  He came 2nd to Tracey who had used a lovely blue fabric.

The alteration challenge was to turn a sari into Eastern inspired clothing.  What I learnt is that the material a sari is made from is very sheer but it is worn in layers.  The sewers who made trousers didn’t seem to think it was a problem to have them totally see through.  Jade had huge issues with this challenge and couldn’t get her finished trousers on the dummy so ended up stitching in a panel on one side.  It didn’t look good and she, unsurprisingly, came last.

The top two were my favourites, Tracey’s pink top and Charlotte’s purple trousers.

The made to measure challenge ended the programme with a West African inspired dress.  The material is loud and bold and interesting so the finished items were always going to be exciting.

There were a lot of peplums on the dresses.  This is something that I’ve never worn.  I think a peplum would accentuate my already large hips and bottom so it’s something I’ve steered clear of!

Tracey’s dress wasn’t very well fitted but my favourite was Rumana’s which was a simple dress with a cape.  As she was making them in the two different fabrics I was certain it was going to look vile but I was surprised when I loved it and that would have been my pick.

I was gobsmacked that Joyce won the garment of the week with her made to measure dress.  It was a good garment but I disagree that it was the best garment of the week.

It was a close decision between Josh or Jade leaving but it was Josh that departed in the end.

So, are you still watching the Sewing Bee?  Are you enjoying it?  What challenges would you like to see undertaken by the contestants?

Now that Jamie is out I guess I should pick a new winner.  I’m going to say Charlotte or Tracey but I guess anything can happen!


One thought on “The Great British Sewing Bee – 3 & 4

  1. My money is on Angeline, which is probably the kiss of death for her. I was really sad to see Josh go. His good bye speech actually brought a tear to my eye. I agree about Joyce’s dress. It looked rather ill fitting to me!

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