Newlyweds: The First Year – Erik & Nadine

Confession time!  As you know, I’ve been away.  Well, in order to catch up I got up at 3am one morning this week so I could watch and catch up with episodes 7, 8 & 9 of this programme.

The trouble is that I saw it recording another episode last night so I’m already behind but let’s talk about what happened in those episodes and see where we end up!

Erik & Nadine

Episode 7 sees the couple going to visit Erik’s Mum in the convent as she is a nun.  Obviously I don’t know Erik before the programme but it seems nice to me that marriage has given him the confidence to talk to his Mum about how abandoned he felt as a child when she left him to join the convent when he was a teenager.  It’s one of those situations where nothing can be changed as we are unable to time travel but it’s good to talk it out and get things off your chest.

Erik had been telling Nadine about the most amazing French toast that was sold near his Mum’s convent so he surprised her by bringing some to her.  Unfortunately his nice surprise backfired when she didn’t like it!

Nadine talks to the camera about how much she’s missing her Mum now that she is having a daughter and the guilt that she feels for not spending enough time with her before she died.  Unfortunately it’s another one of those situations where we can’t turn the clock back.  I’m sure if we knew we were going to lose someone important we would want to stop the world and spend every minute with them but, I’m sure, even then you’d feel as if you didn’t have enough time.

Episode 8 sees them visiting the baby store to buy everything they need for the impending birth.

I’m not sure what kind of store they’re in but they look at a Dior dress (for a baby) which costs $613.  The sales assistant then shows them a buggy that you can plug your iPhone into and tells them it’s ‘only’ $900.  Oh, ONLY $900, I’ll take a couple!!

The sales assistant then tells them that to get all of the stuff they need they are looking at spending $10,000 if they go mid range.  It seems as if they’re not short of funds though as they visit the bank and Erik tells the employee that they comfortably earn six figures.  They are looking at putting budgets in place and insist that $30 – $50,000 per year must be set aside for travel.  My eyes nearly bulged out of my head when I heard that.  Most people would be glad to earn that in a year.

This episode ends with them trying to get permission to go ahead on an app that they’ve created that is something to do with taking people’s pictures and Comic Con.  Comic Con does look like a lot of fun; I have a nephew that would love to attend so maybe if I ever win the lotto I’ll take him!

Episode 9 concentrated on Nadine’s pregnancy.  She is now 8 1/2 months pregnant and tells us that she’s tired and constipated.  Erik keeps finding her in floods of tears as she watches YouTube videos of people giving birth.

I can’t imagine anything worse than watching something like that and I am not going to have to go through it.  When you’re heavily pregnant and going to have to do it soon I would steer well clear of watching something that makes me cry!

They attend a birthing class as neither of them have much idea but it seems like a bad idea when Nadine ends up on the floor clammy and close to passing out because of the things she’s hearing.

The episode ends with a blood clot being found on the placenta and a few days later Nadine being admitted to hospital because she hasn’t felt the baby move for a while.

It must be incredibly scary to experience that but hopefully everything will be ok for them.  They seem like a nice couple.  It’s hard to imagine that they only knew each other for six months before getting married as they seem as though they have been together for much longer.  I am a great believer in ‘when you know, you know’.  It feels different when you date ‘the one’ and if you’re serious about one another then there doesn’t seem to be much point waiting if marriage is what you want to do, as long as you’re doing it for the right reasons and not just because you want a nice dress and a party!

I’ll bring you comments on the other couples in separate entries.  Watch this blog, they’re coming soon.


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