Newlyweds: The First Year – Kirk & Laura

Episode 7 joins the couple in Aruba having a holiday as they get over the miscarriage and Laura having to have a D & C procedure.  They joke that they are taking a vacation from their problems.

When they arrive home they look for happy distractions.  One of these is going to a drawing class with a nude male model.  Kirk’s face when the guy takes his clothes off is an absolute picture!

At the end of the episode they reveal that they are trying for a baby again.

Episode 8 is pretty predictable.  Laura makes Kirk breakfast in bed and reveals that she’s pregnant again.

She reads stacks of books and tells the camera that she’d like a girl but could be a good Mum to a boy.  She also says that if they have a boy they will try again for a girl.  I find this incredibly difficult to accept.  Surely she realises how much of a miracle a pregnancy is after just losing a baby.  To say something like that seems very selfish to me.  Surely anybody should just be happy to have achieved a pregnancy and want a healthy baby, the sex of it really shouldn’t matter.

The last that we see of them is at their 9 week sonogram where they detect the babies heartbeat.

Episode 9 shows Kirk taking care of Laura by giving her a massage.  They seem to have a massage table in their house so I’m guessing this is a regular occurrence.  Seems a strange thing to have to hand?

Dolce, their dog, is absolutely adorable but whines the whole time Laura is receiving a massage and they say that they are nervous about bringing a baby home with the dog.

Kirk is trying to get into shape but has a night home alone while Laura has a night out with the girls.  He roams the house for food, he says that he’s not hungry but he’s not satisfied.

In a very weird clip you randomly see Laura helping Kirk to shave his legs.  This is something that’s never happened in my marriage after ten years but who knows what the future holds!

While walking the dog Kirk and Laura discuss the fact that they will need a bigger place when their baby arrives.  They want a yard for the dog and a room for the baby.

We then see Kirk going to get a Corvette.  He says that Laura gets to move to the suburbs and he gets his car.  I find this all very strange, he seems pretty selfish to me and having a  baby and moving to the suburbs ‘for your wife’ is never a great start…


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