Newlyweds: The First Year – Sam & Laura

Episodes 7 to 9 see Sam and Laura go on quite a journey.

Laura complains that their sex life has gone off the boil so they arrange a trip to a sexual healer.  The look on Sam’s face was the sort of look that I would have had in the same situation.  It’s the face you make when you find yourself in the weirdest situation but have to keep a straight face when all you want to do is laugh, you are also not impressed with what’s going on around you.  It’s a look I’ve perfected apparently and I don’t even realise I’m doing it but my husband tells me that I’m an open book and I don’t hide my feelings well.

The healer tells that that he’s going to work with the spirits with them, the spirits with him and any other spirits that might turn up.  It was all very wacky so they decided to go on a date night.

My husband and I have never gone in for ‘date night’.  It worries me that if you call it that and have expectations then you’re likely to disappoint yourself.  You don’t need to date once you’re married, surely you just enjoy your life together?

Episode 8 sees Sam and Laura going through everything to do with deciding when to have a baby.  Sam is ready now but Laura thinks they should wait a few years.

They attend a family dinner and the family give their opinions saying that they should have a double pregnancy.  Sam admits that having children is all she thinks about and all she wants so they go for fertility tests.

It’s not good news for either of them.  They discover that Sam has fibroids and will need surgery to remove them.  They also tell Laura that she has very few eggs and if she wants to carry their child should not wait as the risk of miscarriage will increase if they leave it.

Laura tells Sam that this is why you shouldn’t make plans as this is what happens.  I have experienced something similar, you expect that your life will take the course that everyone expects it to.  You’ll get married and then have children.  When the second bit is thrown off it’s difficult to deal with.  I have personal experience of this but this is something that needs more than being tagged into a TV blog post.  Watch my blogs and I will write about this soon.

In the final of these episodes Laura was doing a reading of a passage from her book.  Listening to what she has to say she does write beautifully.

While driving along Sam and Laura discuss reaching their 30’s.  Sam tells Laura that she wants to accomplish a lot.  She reveals that she accesses her half share of her mother’s estate when she reaches 30 but she doesn’t want to use that money to support herself, she wants to do it on her own.  I think this is very admirable and great to see someone who wants to make a success of themselves rather than relying on their parents money – a lot of children could learn from this example!

They then discuss whether, if they had to choose just one, would they choose a successful career or a baby.  Both of them picked the baby option.  As they have had bad news about Laura’s fertility they decide that Laura will go first and they will get started soon.

One episode left to see how things go.


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