Newlyweds: The First Year – Toi & Rouvaun

Halfway there!  Now lets catch up with what Toi & Rouvaun have been up to.

Episode 7 saw the couple going to the Dominican Republic for their honeymoon.  They arrived at a stunningly beautiful apartment and told the cameras that they were going to spend 10 days without tech (cameras excluded I guess!)  Having had my phone turned off and in a safe while on holiday for 9 days recently I can confirm that this is a fantastic idea.  You feel so free not worrying about e-mails, Facebook, Twitter (and all the rest).  The only problem is when you turn that phone back on and have nearly a thousand e-mails to plough through.  It’s nice while it’s lasts though and I’d recommend having an internet break while you’re on holiday, it’s really nice.

Toi finds it very hard to relax as she’s so used to being ‘go, go, go’ in her life until her lupus hits her and she ends up in hospital.  Many of us are lucky enough to not have lupus but I think a lot of us now live life at break-neck speed so we’re just starting to relax and get back to a ‘normal’ life and sleep pattern when our holiday ends.

It seems that the couple do have plenty of fun on their honeymoon with fluffy handcuffs and a lovely dinner on the beach.

You didn’t see a great deal of the couple in episode 8.  Rouvaun does start reeling off a long breakfast order to Toi but I think his chances (rightly so) of getting that breakfast were slim to none.

They then talk about the household finances and how Rouvaun is in charge of this.  Toi is finding this difficult as she was single for a long time and used to making her own decisions.

I think it’s common that one of the couple will usually hold the reins with the finances.  It’s also important that the other one knows what’s going on though.

Episode 9 sees Rouvaun having to travel away for his work.  Toi hates him going away (I identify with this!) but she is trying to build her business so she organises a party in her hair store.

On party day Toi goes on the street to try and get some new customers.  She says that the problem with selling a great product is that you don’t see them very often because they don’t need a replacement very often.

Toi’s party seemed to be a success with lots of new customers coming and Rouvaun made it back to support his wife.

I love this couple, I think they have a lot of the attributes that a successfully married couple need.


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