The Great British Sewing Bee – 1960’s Week

It’s just six ladies left in the Sewing Bee now and this week sees outfits being created in the style of 1960’s clothes.

I can’t help but think Austin Powers when I think 1960’s fashion.  It was a bit before my time so I don’t have much experience!

The pattern challenge is a shift dress in a colour block pattern.  To increase the difficulty the sewers have been given a 60’s sewing machine.

All of the sewers seem to be having a bit of trouble operating the old sewing machines but Joyce is being really nice and helping the sewers operate the machines.

Angeline discovers that she’s put her dress together as a mirror of the original pattern.  There’s no time to unpick everything and start again so she has to stick with what she’s done.

I thought Tracey had made a blue and yellow dress and I thought it looked like a Swedish flag but all put together there is also purple in the dress and it looks ok.  She comes 6th.

Once again the judges are fawning over Joyce’s dress but I didn’t care for the combination of colours and I think the material connecting the blocks to the black dividing lines looked a bit puckered.

I really liked Jade’s monochrome dress. but she comes 5th because of the quality of the sewing.  Angeline’s is quite nice but I don’t like the white panel on the bottom – I’m in good company as Esme agrees with me.  She comes 4th.

Absolutely love Rumana’s dress, the combination of orange, white and mint are just beautiful.  She comes 3rd.

Charlotte’s dress is nice but the colours seem a bit predictable.  I guess it’s the most ’60’s’ but the one I’d be least likely to wear.  She comes 2nd.

Once again, Joyce takes a first place.

The alteration challenge asks the sewers to take a PVC raincoat and turn it into something else.

Esme shows Patrick some trousers she’s made from a shower curtain.  There’s just one problem – they are completely see through!!  Who do designers think are wearing see through clothes?!

Claudia is just hilarious walking round and talking to the sewers.  She puts on the discarded red hood from Rumana’s mac.  She’s not afraid to be entertaining and funny and I love her for that.

Joyce is very clear that she hates the PVC and wouldn’t wear any of the garments, even her own, if you paid her.

Jade is trying to impress the judges by putting a zip in her PVC garment and while she seems to be going ok Angeline has a ripping problem when she puts her dress on the dummy.

Rumana’s red top comes out really well.  Not something I’d wear but certainly a great piece from a PVC mac.  She comes 2nd (I think this should have got 1st).

I think Jade’s top and skirt is really effective.  You’d need some good undies to stop it being a very revealing outfit(?) but to me it looks well made.  She comes 4th.

Tracey’s shift dress is good but quite simple.  She comes 3rd.

Charlotte’s top and skirt doesn’t appeal to me at all.  If it was one piece it would look like an apron.  She comes 5th.

Joyce’s top looks like something that you would put on a child when they’re doing painting.  Not very impressive but the judges seem to like it and they place her 1st.  I disagree with their decision.

Angeline’s dress is imaginative but not really something anyone could wear.  I think the earlier mentioned Lady Gaga would even struggle in this!  She comes 6th.

The final made to measure challenge is a 60’s jacket.

By the way, how well do the sewers know their models in this final challenge?  They always seem to give their model a huge cuddle.

Let me start by saying that I hate the material used for Tracey’s jacket but I think it’s very 60’s.  It’s really good jacket and in another material it would be wearable now.

Charlotte’s short and boxy jacket looks good but the bottom doesn’t meet at the front.

Rumana’s jacket is my favourite.  It’s a nice big, red jacket and something I’d definitely wear.  She has one or two problems with buttons in the wrong place and her lining pulling the bottom a bit.

Joyce’s coat looks ok but it’s dull.

Angeline’s orange coat is impactful but you can see she has real problems around the hem.

Jade’s short boxy jacket is brilliant.  The fabric is quite nice – it’s like a much nicer version of Tracey’s fabric.  I hope Jade gets garment of the week with this jacket.

So, garment of the week this week went to Jade for her jacket – I’m so pleased for her.

The person leaving this week is Angeline but it really wasn’t any surprise with her alteration challenge garment coming last and her coat being a bit of a mess.

Next week it’s the quarter finals and they’re making active wear.  I predict a lot of Lycra!


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