Ink Master Redemption

I am a massive fan of Ink Master.  I have a few tattoos of my own and this show gives me the thirst for more but I spend a long time thinking about what I want and where I want it but I’d probably be a canvas on this show!

Don Peddicord gets the chance to redeem himself with the lady who received the ‘pig lady pin up’.  The twist is that he has to work with Cleen Rock One.

Mystical Mike is also back!!  This guy has an ego the size of a small universe but he came on the show with just one tattoo machine and gave his canvas a pretty ugly G clef tattoo.  Unfortunately Mystical Mike was unwilling to admit he’d done anything wrong and attacked his canvas for having the tattoo reworked by anyone other than him.  The human canvas ended up in tears and Dave had to step in and she looked really happy when Jime Litwalk arrived.  I’m pretty sure I’d feel the same as her!

Cleen and Don seem to get on really well and work together to create a stunning drawing.  If I wanted a cow tattoo I would have gone for it for sure, it was a great drawing.  Unfortunately the canvas decided not to go through with it.  I think it’s a shame as Don did do some good tattoos and we already know that Cleen Rock One was a great tattoo artist.

Mystical Mike’s canvas picks the design drawn by Jime and it is gorgeous.  Jime starts the tattoo and Mystical Mike starts to argue and attack so Jime does all of the tattoo apart from the sky which Mystical Mike just finishes off.  It is a really beautiful tattoo.

Mystical Mike doesn’t seem to care and says that he doesn’t need redemption as he’s a great artist and has done nothing wrong.  He’s probably one of the artists that I wouldn’t like to tattoo me, the rest of the artists seem respectful of the fact that the canvas is a living human and they will live with the result.  Mystical Mike doesn’t seem to connect on this same level.



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