The Great British Sewing Bee – Quarter Final

This week is active wear so there will be lots of lycra and tight fitting clothes that would look vile on a little sofa dweller like me.

The pattern challenge is a men’s cycling top.  Honestly, it’s not an attractive garment whether made well or badly.

(On a side note: I wonder what they do with all the garments that are made during the course of the programme?)

This is such a hard challenge.  I can barely keep up to write about it so I’d have fled if I’d been given this.

The fact that any of them finished is remarkable but one or two were actually really good.

Charlotte went for a bright blue, she had one little neckline problem but overall it was pretty good.  She came in third.

Tracey went for a really bright red and blue and it was executed superbly.  I’d put that one first and the judges agreed.

Rumana went for a navy with a red zip and she had some noticeable collar problems.  She came fifth.

Joyce’s yellow and blue is neat but there were a few issues with her sewing which put her in second place.

I liked Jade’s purple with a white zip.  She did have a problem with her collar not matching and a bit of a messy hem.  She was placed fourth.

The alteration challenge was to transform a 1980’s ski suit into outerwear for a child.  To make it even harder the sewers are not allowed to use any other fabric.

Joyce picked her suit first and picked the most awful brown/orange coloured one.  None of them were particularly nice but I think this was the worst colour of all.

I’m not sure why the programme has the little info films about the history of the clothing.  They do the same in Bake Off about the history of the recipe.  These are the bits I normally fast forward!

Claudia puts on the unused ski suit and entertains the sewers.  She does her best to joke with them but most of the time they’re so absorbed in what they’re doing that it often goes over their heads.

Rumana’s flamingo jacket is excellent.  When I was little I would have worn that!  The judges also like it and like that it’s completely different to the others.  She gets second.

Joyce has made a little bomber jacket and it’s come out really well.  I still don’t like the colour but it’s a good effort.  She gets placed third.

Tracey has made a duffle coat with a hood.  It’s a little small but nicely done.  She comes fifth.

Jade has made a great jacket.  My nephew would wear it and would love it and she’s placed first.  I agree that this was the best one.

Charlotte has turned her fabric inside out and has put on a leopard skin trim.  It looks ok but not great.  She comes fourth.

The active wear made to measure challenge is to make a yoga outfit.  To me that’s an outfit that would be comfortable to wear to do the vacuuming and cleaning.  It’s often like a yoga session to get underneath a glass table and clean it or to clean the metal base of a swivel lounge chair!

Joyce’s pattern looks incredibly complex; actually, they all do!

I like Charlotte’s theory behind not making tight leggings.  If I ever did yoga (and I probably should) then I wouldn’t wear something tight because the more you can hide the better.

I love Jade’s outfit.  It looks very well fitted and suits the model perfectly.  The only tiny problem is the spacing on the back straps but it’s tiny.

Charlotte’s outfit is nice.  It looks really comfortable and I would actually wear that (indoors only).

I really don’t like Joyce’s outfit.  It’s too long, not tight enough and the wrap is pointless.

I like Tracey’s outfit.  The only thing that I notice is a gape under the bust, it’s quite noticeable.

Rumana’s trousers look great but the binding in the top doesn’t look superb and it’s giving the top a really funny shape.

Garment of the week was Jade’s yoga outfit.  I guessed it would be Jade’s little jacket so I had the right sewer just the wrong garment!

Unfortunately it was Rumana who left this week and it’s s shame to see her go.  If she’d have done a little bit better on the neck and arm holes of her yoga outfit I think that Joyce would have gone.

So, onto the semi finals and the sewers are faced with three technically demanding challenges.  Can’t wait!


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