The Great British Sewing Bee – Semi Final

So, the sewing bee is nearly at its conclusion for another year.  Just four ladies remain, Joyce, Charlotte, Tracey and Jade.

The pattern challenge is a flared skirt.  The patterns that are handed around are very thick and the pattern pieces appear to be just random shapes.

Tracey starts to snip at her notches.  Despite it being a competition I think it’s really nice the way that Charlotte steps in and tells her that she shouldn’t be doing that.  This is so much nicer to see than someone slyly sniggering in the background.

I really like the skirt but if I were ever to embark on a sewing project I don’t think this would be it.  It’s pretty complicated!

Jade has a problem with the construction with her skirt and, once again, Charlotte steps in to help her.  On the basis of what I’ve seen in this programme, I’d like Charlotte to win.  She has as much work to do as everyone else but she’s always happy to help others.

Charlotte’s looks very good.  It’s a nice colour and it’s very well made.  This is placed first and it’s very well deserved.

Tracey’s skirt looks a bit odd.  Something is not quite right with the drape.  She comes fourth.

The material that Joyce has chosen, for me, makes the joins between the top and bottom look horrible.  She gets a second.

Jade’s skirt isn’t a bad attempt but the material looks a bit pulled about.  Something just looks a bit messy.  She takes third.

The alteration challenge is to take a child’s duvet cover and turn it into a garment for a female which has a striking silhouette.

It’s a zero waste challenge so the entire duvet cover needs to be used.  They get a half sized mannequin and a pillow case to have a play and plan their garment.

I like Jade’s dress most from initial impressions and I think Joyce’s has the weakest design – you can still see from hers that it was a duvet cover.  Esme was looking for a striking silhouette and I don’t think a beach dress achieves this.

I also like Charlotte’s dress but Tracey’s is just a bit odd – it certainly has a striking silhouette!

Joyce comes fourth, Jade is third, Tracey comes second and Charlotte takes first.  I probably would have put Jade and Tracey the other way around but I agree with first and fourth.

The made to measure challenge is always going to be tricky in a semi final and they want a fitted day dress.  Given that it is pattern week, they must draw up their own pattern.  This is quite a challenge because being a good technical sewer doesn’t mean that you’re creative.

Looking at the patterns I like Jade’s dress the most, it looks very modern and it something you’d be likely to see in the shops.  It is brilliantly fitted to her model and really does look ‘made to measure’.

Joyce has gone for something very traditional but the material that she’s used is perfect for the style of the dress and it’s very pretty.  It could do with being a bit more ‘fitted’ around the waist – my words are echoed by Esme.

I like the 50’s style of Tracey’s dress.  I wear a lot of 50’s style dresses and she’s done a lovely job, I’m just not keen on the red material.  I agree with Esme that the neckline should be a bit lower, it would be much more flattering.

Charlotte’s dress is just ‘nice’.  I can’t help but think it’s a little bit dull.  I like the cowl neck style and it looks very good on the model, it is perfectly fitted.

I really can’t call it this week.  I don’t know what garment of the week will be and I don’t know who’s going.  They are all so closely matched!

The judges pick Charlotte’s alteration challenge as garment of the week.

The person who hasn’t made it into the final is Tracey.  She’s clearly very upset and it’s a real shame as she comes across as so lovely on the show.

I now have absolutely no idea who’s going to win.  It’s too close to call.  One more week to go and we’ll find out.


2 thoughts on “The Great British Sewing Bee – Semi Final

    1. I’m afraid I don’t have the answer to your question. I have had a look around and it seems that once the series is over the BBC release a book with patterns in so I guess have a search on Amazon once the series is over.


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