Brief Encounters

I put this programme on just as a bit of background while I caught up with e-mails and did some bits and bobs.

I guess if you’ve lived a very sheltered life you might be offended by the content but most of us have been to an Ann Summers party and aren’t offended by it.

It was a great show.  It was light hearted and with a great cast.  It’s perfect wind down entertainment after a long day and really easy to watch.

I like Doc Brown (Ben Bailey Smith) as a comedian and he’s a really good actor as well.  Angela Griffin is always brilliant and this role is no different.  Penelope Wilton (an actress you will definitely know even if you didn’t know that was her name!) is superb as well.

The series has got legs as the episode ends on Steph discovering her husband cheating on her with her sister in law.  After criticising her for hosting an Ann Summers party I think we know who’s in the wrong here!!

I’m looking forward to the next episode and hope they keep it as easy to watch and light hearted as this first episode was.



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