The Great British Sewing Bee – The Final

It’s final time!  It seems to have flown past and now we have just three sewers left: Charlotte, Jade and Joyce.

This weeks challenges are to make evening wear.  I guess it wasn’t going to be easy being the final.

The pattern challenge is to make a gentleman’s dress shirt.  The fabric has been cut out and the contestants are just being judged on their sewing.  The shirt features pintucks on the front so there is going to be plenty of sewing to judge!

There are twelve pintucks needed in all and the judges worry that they are not going fast enough to get the shirt finished.  The next steps are so complicated including cuffs and the collar.

Charlotte seems to be in trouble when she makes a collar that is too small for the shirt.  Jade tells her that her seam allowance should be 1cm but Charlotte’s done 1.5cm and it’s already been cut.

There seems to be a real camaraderie in the sewing room.  The ladies are spurring each other on, it’s so nice to see.

Joyce’s shirt looks quite good apart from the fact that the spacing on the buttons isn’t quite right so there is a gaping hole at the top.  If it wasn’t for that it would be pretty superb.  She is placed first.

Jade’s shirt looks good but it could do with an iron and there is a tiny problem with her button spacing.  She is placed second.

Charlotte’s shirt from afar doesn’t look as bad as expected.  The collar is too small so it’s pulling the fabric up and her button holes are off centre.  She is placed third, unsurprisingly.

The alteration challenge is to transform a gentleman’s evening suit into a little black dress in 90 minutes.

Joyce seems to be going crazy with the sequins, I hope she doesn’t overdo them.

Charlotte’s top looks very nice and uses the original collar of the suit.  Jade is being brave and doing something different and sewing the darts on her dress on the outside as a feature.

I think Charlotte’s stands out head and shoulders above the rest as the best garment.  I have to say though that I’m not overly keen on any of the dresses.  Jade’s looks unfinished in places but is quite a nice shape and style.  Joyce’s did end up with too many sequins on and looked a bit pulled about.

Joyce comes third, Jade takes second and Charlotte is deservedly in first.

At this stage Charlotte and Joyce have taken a first and a third and Jade has taken two second places.  It’s so very evenly matched.

The final made to measure challenge is to make floor length evening gowns for their models.  This time they know their models, they are friends or family, so they know the measurements perfectly and have been able to practice on their model.

Looking at the picture I’m not sure about Joyce’s bustle skirt but we’ll see how it looks when it’s made and on.  I don’t think the colour that she’s chosen is helping matters.

Jade is making a beaded gown and she’s given herself a huge challenge to try and sew with very heavily beaded fabric.  It looks to be quite plain from the front with all of the interest at the rear.  What girl doesn’t dream about a gorgeous dress with a train.  In reality, unless you’re in a film, it’ll keep getting trodden on and you’ll go flying time and time again but it’s a nice idea!  I had a long veil on my wedding day and my head kept flying back as someone or another ended up with their feet on my veil!

Charlotte is making a dress for her ex husband’s wife.  They seem to have a really lovely relationship and I’m sure their children appreciate that they get on so well.  Charlotte’s dress looks to be beautiful but she’s using incredibly delicate material and needs to be super careful.

Jade is having problems getting the right shape on the bust of her dress and I think this is where she’s come unstuck having such a plain front as anything will stick out like a sore thumb.

The judges notice how Joyce is powering through the sewing and not doing a very neat job.  When asked by Jade if she’s alright her answer is no!

Charlotte is trying to press lumps out of her dress and gets very upset when it’s all over.

I love Charlotte’s dress.  It does everything that you want an evening gown to do.  It’s slinky and beautifully fluid when she’s walking.  The insertion of the zip isn’t great and ruins what would be a fantastic dress.

Joyce’s corset and bustle dress isn’t my favourite.  The judges comment that it looks rather costumey and I agree.  Unfortunately Joyce has made her skirt way too big and it’s held on with a safety pin.  The corset is beautiful but I don’t like the skirt.

Jade’s dress does look lovely from the back but the earlier problems of fitting around the bust does come back to haunt her.  Overall though her dress does look lovely.

At this stage I don’t think Joyce will win but I really don’t know which one of the others will.

So the judges come out for one last time and the winner is Charlotte.  If I’d had to put money on someone I think I would have gone for her but it was incredibly close between her and Jade.

Charlotte has been lovely through the whole competition and has helped so many people so she is a very deserved winner but the sewers have all been so nice that I think I would have been happy with any of them winning.

Making the show makes me wish that I could sew and make lovely things for myself but I know I don’t have the talent of patience for that!  I’ll just have to keep on wearing things that I find.

Now that the sewing bee is over I need to find a new favourite.  I’m quite enjoying My Four Wives at the moment on TLC, First Dates Abroad on E4 and 100% Hotter but a new series of Botched starts tonight on 5Star so there does seem to be plenty of choice.

What are you watching now that the Sewing Bee is over?  Are you waiting for Bake Off to come on now?


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