I am not one for medical shows.  I don’t watch Casualty or 24 Hour in A&E or anything like that.  I can’t stand medical procedures but I find ‘Botched’ totally addictive.

This show is a USA based plastic surgery show but these plastic surgeons help people who have had botched surgeries or who have issues that other plastic surgeons can’t fixed.

We meet Pixee who lives her life as a human cartoon.  She has got an unbelievably small waist and has had six ribs removed to achieve this.  She has had multiple surgeries and spent in excess of $100,000.  When Terry and Paul meet her they are horrified that she’s had six ribs removed and think her surgery has gone too far and it’s too extreme.

She started with a nose job, then boob job and then brow lift.  It seems from there she just had surgery after surgery.  She is at the consultation to get another Brazilian butt lift and get hip implants.  Her waist is 23″ but she wears a corset to take it down to 15″.  In their consultation they tell her that she will be making the biggest mistake of her life if she has the surgery done.  They are very ethical surgeons and will not do something that’s dangerous.  They have told her that her lungs and internal organs are already in danger from her rib removal.  She leaves the office saying that they will not do the surgery but someone will!

We also meet Trevor who has huge keloids on his earlobes (I didn’t know what it was until I saw this – basically huge lumps).  Trevor has surgery undertaken by Paul Nassif and I had to look away when the word ‘oozing’ was mentioned.  The surgery actually isn’t too awful, they don’t show too much so I can cope!  Trevor comes back after his surgery to have his dressings removed and replaced.  The transformation is amazing but Paul is such a perfectionist he says he wishes he could have done better!  Six weeks after surgery Trevor is like a new man.  Cosmetic surgery, done for the right reasons, when it makes people feel like this is fantastic.

Misty is also on the show.  She had a butt lift to try and fit in.  She’s had problems with since they were done and had an infection for two years!  She goes for surgery to have the implants out and have the scar tissue removed.  Watching an implant being pulled out of someone’s butt cheek is pretty awful!  I can’t even imagine how much the recovery from that would hurt!  Where would you sit?!  After surgery Misty comes back the next day and tells Terry that she misses her implants.  I don’t understand, she has been in pain with the implants for years and now they are out and the pain will go, why would you want them back in?  A few weeks later she still wants implants back in because they were an easy way out of not having to exercise everyday.  The surgeons tell her that their first oath was to do the patient no harm and doing implants would harm her.  This seems to placate her and she does agree that she won’t have them done.

The doctors are Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif.  Their personalities bounce off of each other and they take the most awful situation and make the patient feel better. These guys are good.  I have never considered cosmetic surgery but if you were you would want these surgeons.

The programme shows the surgeons having conversations between consultations and they are very funny.

This is just the beginning of a new series so give it a try and see how you like it.  In the UK it’s on channel E!


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