Botched – S 3, Ep 9


Carmen grew up as a boy and graduated school as a boy but very soon after graduation she went to Mexico and had a number of procedures but her nose job was not done well.  She has had surgeries since Mexico but her nostrils are so closed that she can’t breathe and she needs to stick straws in her nose to be able to breathe at night.  To fix her nose the doctors need to take skin, cartilage and bone from her ear, scalp and rib.

Dr Paul Nassif will be performing Carmen’s surgery and his ultimate goal is to make her breathe again.  This is the fifth revision surgery so it’s risky surgery.  One of the surgeries caused a huge amount of scar tissue hat was blocking the nostril.  The surgery wasn’t easy but it went really well.  After the surgery Carmen was in a lot of pain – actually, mainly from the partial removal of her rib (but I can imagine that would hurt A LOT!)

After healing Carmen reveals her new look to her friends and her nose is just beautiful (and she also has the most stunning eyes).  She can breathe and she’s happy again.


Maria’s Mum had breast cancer.  When Maria was tested for the gene it came back at 87% likely that she would get it as well.  Maria decided to have a double mastectomy.  Her surgeon took her nipples and grafted them onto her lower abdomen to use again when her reconstructed breasts were ready.  Unfortunately her first went terribly wrong and the tissue on her new breasts turned black and she had to have corrective surgery to remove this.  She is now left with what she considers ‘Frankenboobs’.

Dr Terry Dubrow will be undertaking the surgery for her.  The implants needs to come out, the pocket needs to be strengthened, a new implant needs to be put in and the nipple will be put on using a 3D tattoo.  This surgery is very important as Maria has daughters and she’s not going to speak to her daughter’s about getting tested until she’s happy with her breasts as she’s concerned that if her daughters need surgery they will end up with the same problems as her.

When Terry pulls out one of the implants it has ruptured but he thinks this is recent.  Again, there were challenges in the surgery with unexpected discoveries but this is a very experienced surgeon and he really knows what he’s doing.

Maria came back for her first day post operative surgery and it already looks so much better and you can see how happy she is.  All she needs to have done now is the tattooing once the breasts have healed.  We are shown the tattoo process and the end result and the tattoos are absolutely amazing and they look completely real.

This is why I love this programme, someone who has been so unhappy for so long and now she’s happy and confident.


Star was once told she looked like her mother so she had huge amounts of plastic surgery and is proud that everything is fake.  She has also had her nose done but it now drips and is sore on the tip and she can’t breathe.  She also has problems with her boobs as they are rippling and joining together but she wants bigger boobs.

I’m pretty sure that the surgeons are not going to do Star’s surgery as they only undertake surgery for good reasons, not just to make people look ‘plastic’.

Paul examines her nose and tells Star that the middle part of her nose has collapsed and this is the reason she can’t breathe.  He tells her that to fix it he will have to make the nostrils a little wider to give her an airway.  She decides that she doesn’t want a functional nose, she’d rather have the problems and keep it slim.  I don’t really understand the logic but each to their own.

Terry examines her breasts and tells her that she doesn’t have symmastia so she does not need corrective surgery.  Her skin is rippling and he tells her that this is due to her skin being so thin where it has been stretched so much.  She asks about getting bigger implants and he advises her against it as the skin will have to stretch further.  She doesn’t like what she hears so goes away telling the camera that she will find someone else to do her surgery.

It’s a really interesting programme and good to see plastic surgery being done to improve lives.


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