Undressed UK

There are adverts for some shows on TV that you don’t believe can be real.  I was watching the channel TLC a while back and saw a show called ‘Undressed UK’ advertised.

The basic premise seems to be that two people are matched to go on a date.  So far so good.  This is where it gets a bit weird.  They are put in a room with a bed and a TV screen and given instructions.  The advert indicates that the first instruction is to undress each other.  Remember: this is a first date.

I duly recorded the programme and am just about to watch.  Here goes…

The dates last for 3o minutes and at the end of this time they have a touch pad on their bedside cabinets and press to stay or leave.  Talk about awkward!

Couple One

Lauren from Yorkshire has only been on three dates as she has dating phobia and hates awkwardness.  Clearly a great candidate for the programme.  It’s like the people who go on embarrassing bodies because they’re too shy to go to their GP but will bare ALL on national TV.

She is matched with Sam from Manchester.  He’s confident and bubbly and been single for 4 1/2 months.  He is looking for the ‘one’ to settle down with.

The commandment comes down on the screen to undress each other.  Immediately she tells him that she’ll do him first.

Now in their undies they are told to lie on the bed.  Pictures of them come up on the screen, each of them have a dog.  At least it gives them something to talk about.  Before and after pictures of Sam come up showing him before and after the gym.

Lauren and Sam are shown a yoga position and told to copy the position.  The position is basically her standing on top of him so I’m guessing she now wishes she wasn’t wearing a thong and baring her butt on TV.

A picture comes up on screen of Sam swimming with a dolphin and she asks him if he swam with dolphins.  Hmm, now what would the answer to that question be.

They don’t follow the instructions to kiss and then it’s time for them to decide whether or not they want to see each other again.  Sam has said ‘Yes’ and Lauren also says ‘Yes’.  They agree that they’ll go for a normal date now!

Couple Two

Another couple are Nico from London who is looking for a fun and different way to find someone – tick!

Ruby is his match.  She’s from St Albans and is wearing a rather eye-catching jumpsuit (that is me trying to be nice and saying I don’t like it, it’s a bit busy).  She comments that she has a monotone voice so dates usually don’t think she’s interested in them.  She also has a very intense and intimidating gaze.  Let’s hope Nico can hold his own against her!

Ruby has worn shoes that have ankles straps that wrap up and round the ankle.  It takes poor Nico ages to get them off but eventually in their undies they are told to lie on the bed.

The conversation is rather stilted and she tells him that she’s bad at small talk.  She tells him that she loves to write anything where she can judge other people and be mean so I don’t feel so bad about saying that I didn’t like her jumpsuit now!

It’s really off putting that Ruby’s bra is too big.  There’s massive gaping at the top (sorry a bit of an underwear perfectionist and think every woman should have a well fitting bra!)

Exciting advert break news – it looks like there’s a new series of Breaking Amish on.  I loved that first series.  Mary is just superb and it looks like she’s back!!  Ignore this if you have no idea what I’m talking about!!

It’s strange to hear someone sitting in their pants on a bed say ‘I’m quite private’!  Nice one Ruby!

The next question comes up asking ‘Are you a good kisser?’, then ‘Would you like to prove it?’  Ruby immediately says no and goes on to say she’s not very huggy and would rather have sex with someone than hug them.

This programme is as odd as expected!

It’s the end of the date and they now have to press their buttons and decide whether or not they want to see each other again.  Ruby has said ‘Yes’.  Nico has said ‘No’.

She asks why it’s a no and he tells her that there was no reciprocal conversation and she was giving him very closed answers.  To camera he says it was really awkward and not a good date.

Follow up

Sam and Lauren did go on a second date but decided to just be friends.


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