Undressed UK – Ep 2

We’ve watched episode 1 and found out what the programme is about so it’s time to watch episode 2 and see if it was a good one off novelty programme or whether it can hold our attention.

This time we have Jackie and Fred.  Jackie is going on her first date for 22 years and Fred is a widower.

Jackie and Fred are 62 and 53 respectively.  They are both endearingly nervous.  Jackie undresses Fred first.  They chatter a lot throughout and are then told to lie on the bed.

Fred last dated last year, Jackie reveals that she hasn’t been on a date for 22 years.

The screen reveals a photo of Jackie in her police uniform and Fred as a 7 or 8 year old standing next to a car.

The screen asks the question – Have you ever had your heart broken.
Fred said that when his late wife passed away he was heartbroken.
Jackie says that she doesn’t think so.

The screen then tells them to hug each other for one minute.  It looks quite awkward but they both say they enjoyed it.

The date only lasts for 30 minutes so it’s now time for them to decide whether they want to see each other again.  Jackie has said yes and Fred has also said yes so she gives him a little kiss.

Nic and Eden are also on the programme.  Nic and Eden both say that they have high standards!

Nic is a butler in the buff on the side and they show pictures of him in his outfit.  Pictures then pop up of Eden when she took part in a body building competition.  Nic likes her body.  He has made a few references to her body and is coming across rather shallow.

The screen asks do you multi-date.  Eden says that she does date a few men at once because she tends to date dick heads but she says it’s not a bad thing unless you’re sleeping with multiple people.  Nic says that he can be a dick head and also dates multiple people.  Eden asks Nic if he sleeps with people he’s multi dating but the next question pops up on screen and he says he gets a ‘lucky escape’ when he doesn’t have to answer that.

The screen instructs the couple to compete in a strength test – the test is to hold a dumbbell at arms length for the longest.  Nic wins and asks for a kiss on the cheek but quickly turns his head as Eden is going in so she kisses him on the lips.

They are told to pay each other a compliment.  Nic loves the fact she is into fitness and she’s stunning.  Eden tells Nic that she likes his eyes.

They share a cheeky kiss before the experiment is almost over and it’s time to decide whether or not they will see each other.  Eden has said yes and so has Nic.


Fred and Jackie did go on a second date but decided to be just good friends – how often do all these ‘good friends’ see each other?

Nic and Eden are making plans for a second date – if they haven’t done it now then chances are there will be no second date!

I do find dating programmes interesting as you see people at their most vulnerable yet confident.  This does put a new spin on dating as it makes people as vulnerable as they can be but it’s interesting to see how quickly they seem to get over the fact that they are just in underwear.  I think it’s good and I think I will continue to watch.

What do you think?  Are you watching?  Would you go on the show?


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