Eat Well For Less

This weeks we meet the Taylor family.  Father Jason, Mother Lyndsey and daughter Holly.

Lyndsey bakes every day.  I have a sister blog where I do baking from time to time but I have never baked every day.

Lyndsey buys lots of food and throws a lot away.  I must admit that I throw very little away.  It is easy to see when fruit and veg are no longer suitable for eating, the date on the food is a bit of a nonsense.  I have eaten potatoes that are a couple of months past the date on the pack.  Your eyes and nose will tell you if something is no longer good for eating.

Jason and Lyndsey go shopping and she’s a grabby shopper.  When she sees something a bit tasty there’s an ‘ooh’ before it goes in the trolley.  She also buys jars and jars of pasta sauce.  I made dinner for 28 on Friday and decided that I would do a nice cold pasta in tomato sauce.  I did think about putting a few jars of pasta sauce in my pasta and then decided that it was so easy to make the pasta sauce that I wouldn’t bother.  All I needed was to fry up some onions and garlic, add a couple of diluted vegetable stock cubes and then a couple of tubes of tomato puree and let it bubble a bit and it made a very tasty sauce.

The main shop of the week came to £235 and Lyndsey is already planning top up shops.  The UK average is £91 to feed a family of five so this is a massive spend for this family!

Gregg and Chris reveal that 13% of the total spend is for baking ingredients and another 13% of the shopping is sugary snacks.  Chris also reveals that they are spending around £16,500 a year on food.

The foods have all now been put in plain packaging and there’s a lot less variety than she’s used to having in her cupboards.  It seems to be a very emotional thing for her and she wants her children to have happy memories of her as a Mum.

This week a badminton team are testing different wheat biscuits.  Everyone things that Weetabix will be their favourite.  I think they will be surprised because I’ve had quite a few different varieties of these and you really can’t tell the difference.  The Tesco own wheat biscuits come out on top.  It just goes to show that it’s worth giving things a try.  I do have to be a bit careful with my shopping as I have a nut allergy but where possible I do try various brands and shops own.

The family are advised to do a meal plan.  I have never been a fan of the meal plan because I eat according to my mood.  There have been many occasions when I’ve got meat out of the freezer in the morning, come home from work and cooked something else because I no longer fancy what I got out.  I think meal plans are a good idea and I can see the logic but it’s a bit regimented for my liking.  I do only have to feed my husband and myself so maybe I’d feel different if I was cooking for children but I don’t have to worry about that.

Chris shows the family a recipe to use instead of their cereal bars but the recipe uses melted peanut butter to glue together all of the seeds and bits and bobs.  I am surprised this is a recipe suggested for a lunchbox as it is well known that children cannot take peanut products to school due to allergies.

I have learnt that you can tell if an egg is fresh by putting them in water.  If it lies horizontally on the bottom of the water it is very fresh.  If it is vertical it is on the turn and if it floats completely then you probably shouldn’t eat it.  The older an egg gets the more air gets in the porous shell which is why it floats – handy tip.

Gregg and Chris return at the end of the week to see how much they have saved the Taylor family.  Lyndsey is adamant that she hates the tea they gave her and it was an alternative brand; it was in fact the tea that she has drunk for 20 years and loves.  It just goes to show you that a brand and a box can affect how you think things taste.

The family are told that if they carry on with the changes made they can save over £6,500 a year.

This is a great programme for making us all look at what we buy and why we buy it.  After watching this have you made any changes to how you shop and what you buy?


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