Extreme Cheapskates

This is a real guilty pleasure programme!

The episode that I’m watching today follows Kate who lives in New York city and doesn’t pay for anything.

She lives in a small apartment which is paid for outright so has no mortgage to worry about.

Kate tells us when she uses a public bathroom and uses paper towels she keeps them to use again later.

The furniture in Kate’s apartment is all from the streets and from dumpsters.  She has never paid for any furniture.

She tells us that she last purchased underwear in 1998.  She shows us that she doesn’t do laundry rather she puts detergent on her clothes and put them in the shower while she washes.  In my opinion her clothes all looked a bit grubby and grey.

All of the food she eats is from dumpsters.  She had some friends to come and visit and she made a ‘meal’ from things she had found in the dumpster.  I think her friends were good to try the food as the meal included meat which had been taken from a bin bag on the street.  She had no way of knowing how long the food had been on the street so this could have been a major health hazard.

I understand that living in New York is very expensive but I don’t see any joy in a life where you have nothing nice.  I do admit that I have a nightdress that is almost 20 years old but it’s still in great condition.  Kate had a pair of shorts that were held up with a fold back clip as the elastic had gone.  If I have an item of clothes that are broken or damaged then it’s best to recycle them.  You don’t have to spend a fortune on clothes to get something wearable.

Different strokes for different folks and it’s interesting to see how some people live their lives.

Have you ever watched Extreme Cheapskates?  Have you picked up any tips?


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