Don’t Tell The Bride -Bianca & Adam

I’ve never really watched Don’t Tell The Bride before but I caught a few episodes while I was on holiday.  It was one of the only programmes on the English channels that seemed to change on a daily basis.  I used to pop the tele on when we were back in the room getting ready for dinner and I actually quite enjoyed it so when I saw a new series was coming to Sky1 I decided that I would record it.  I then forgot but have now downloaded the first couple of episodes and I’ll try and keep up…

So the first wedding in this series is Bianca and Adam.  They have been together for 18 months and she is also due to give birth in a couple of months.

Adam is introduced as a decision dodger and is going to leave a lot of the decisions up to fate.  Bianca doesn’t want a jokey, gimmicky day and wants things very elegant.

Adam has decided that the way to go is write down two alternatives for each big wedding decision and Bianca will inadvertently pick her own wedding.  He thinks a lot of his life has been controlled by fate so the wedding should work on a similar basis.  I guess at least he’s got a plan!

His first ideas for the wedding venue are in a disused prison or on a plane.

Adam’s twin brother takes Bianca the first two envelopes and she picks right.  This means that the wedding venue is on a plane!

Bianca and her Mum go and look at a wedding venue that she would like to get married in.  She’s looking at a beautiful old barn set in acres of land.  Cut to Adam and his twin looking down a narrow plane aisle – his brother does ask if she will be happy being 17,000 feet in the air pregnant.  Adam says that she has no choice because that’s what’s happening!  Oh dear!!

Now it’s time for the wedding reception to be chosen.  Bianca wants something sophisticated and romantic; Adam wants a full moon party and wants his guests to be transported to Thailand.  He finds a really vile and dirty old factory/warehouse with a leaking roof that he wants to fill with sand.

Bianca is presented with two envelopes again – this time she is picking between a cheap dress or an expensive dress.  Unbeknown to her she picks a cheap dress.  The boys are picking a dress online and searching by price.  To give him credit the dress is quite pretty that they pick.  It’s a shorter style and is £140.  Let’s just hope he’s chosen the right size and that it arrives on time…

The bridesmaids now get to see the dresses that have been chosen for them.  They are fluorescent pink and yellow and have a price ticket of £12.99 on them.  The pink one is passable but the yellow ones are pretty vile (and see-through).

The boys return to the warehouse to find out about the sand and are told that to fill the warehouse with sand will cost £2,500.  The man who comes and gives him a quote does tell him that he probably needs to rethink the venue as it’s a dry day and there is water dripping in so to make safe will cost a fortune.  Lucky Bianca – it looks like they will be moving venues – unfortunately only to another warehouse!  At least it’s not as filthy as the other one.

While Adam is shovelling sand into the warehouse the wedding dress is in a box in the back of a cab.  Bianca is fuming when a little box arrives containing her wedding dress.  Bianca is very tearful and her Mum is very cross.  Bianca refuses to even try the dress on.  Bianca’s Mum phones Adam and lays into him.  After realising that there is no other dress Bianca’s Mum encourages her to try the dress on.  It does look a little bit like a nightdress but it’s not as terrible as it looked at first sight.

On the morning of the wedding Bianca sees her bridesmaids in their dresses and she thinks they are horrific but tells the girls they are rocking them.  They all get ready and are taken in a minibus to the airport.

Adam turns up to the airport to get on the plane and he’s wearing a lovely suit with a scabby old pair of white trainers.

The bridal party get on the back of the plane while Adam is sitting at the front.  Everyone is confused and hoping for a nice trip to Spain.

Bianca doesn’t even realise she’s walking down the aisle as she walks down the aisle.  After the ‘wedding’ she asks if that was the ‘wedding’ and she’s told it was.

Onto the wedding reception.  Adam reveals the warehouse and is told by Bianca ‘oh babe, it’s awful’.  She tells him that absolutely everything about the wedding has been tacky so at least he’s kept the theme with the reception.

Bianca and Adam are very sweet and she says its confirmed that he can’t organise anything and prefers to be told what to do.  He agrees.

I do wonder why there are so many couples on the show who don’t have that trust.  I would happily have gone on this show with my husband.  He has always had impeccable taste and buys me nicer clothes than I buy myself.  If you even have a glimmer of doubt about the choices your partner would make why would you sign up for the show?


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