Don’t Tell The Bride – Maria & Ryan

In an effort to get up to date with the rest of the world I’m now watching episode two of Don’t Tell The Bride.

The men have three weeks and £14,000 to throw the wedding of their dreams.

Ryan is a super confident groom and Maria is an outspoken bride.  They met at college and have been together for 7 years.  Maria is a nurse and Ryan is a teacher.

The couple haven’t been apart since they got together seven years ago so it’s tearful when they leave each other.

Ryan has decided to go with a themed wedding.  The theme is ‘Back To School’.  His best men immediately tell him that she’s not going to like it!

Maria and her Dad discuss the fact that he wants her to get married in a church as she is Catholic.  Unfortunately Ryan has decided that they should get married in the place they met – North Kent College.

The boys visit the college and decide that it is the perfect place and they’re booking it.  The girls go to a lovely country house.  There are beautifully decorated tables with silver service.  Cut back to the boys at the college picking up a tray and heading to the canteen talking about serving jerk chicken and having sachets of salt, pepper and all sorts of sauces.

The boys discuss the stag do and Ryan suggests Marbella.  His best man says that Maria will flip out if she finds out but he books it anyway.

Ryan’s next choice is the wedding dress.  He doesn’t want to pick one, he wants to design one.  He sketches something out for the lady to make.  She asks what size Maria is and he confidently tells her that she’s a size 10.  She does say it would make things much easier if she can have one of Maria’s dresses to make sure the sizes are correct.  I would have thought that any couple taking part in this process would make sure that they took measurements and sizes so things do actually fit.

Maria’s Dad meets up with Ryan and tells him how serious they are about wanting a Catholic church wedding.  Ryan seems concerned but it’s time for him and the boys to head off to Marbella.  The hen do is not quite as extravagant as the stag do as the girls were ‘treated’ to a twerking dance class and a £150 drinks budget.

Back at home Ryan gathers together the bridesmaids and gives them their outfits.  They are given white plimsolls, black trousers and a white shirt.  They are less than impressed.  When you’re asked to be a bridesmaid you look forward to wearing a pretty dress.

Maria then goes to the dress making shop to see her wedding dress.  The bottom half is lovely but they top half is not so good.  She tries it on and is very upset.  The poor seamstress who made it must feel awful while they’re all standing there saying how disgusting the dress is.

Ryan has agreed that Maria can use the last £200 of the budget to have alterations made to the dress.  The dressmaker works through the night and changes the dress for her.  It looks so much better but I don’t think it’s the sort of dress that any girl dreams of.

Maria is slightly shocked when her travel to the wedding venue is a mock driving test but she accepts it in good grace.

Although it wasn’t the wedding of her dreams (or a Catholic church) everyone can see that he’s put a lot of thought into the day.  I’m not sure Ryan will ever live down the dress but hopefully they can move past this in their marriage!


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