Return to Amish

Did you watch the first series of Breaking Amish?  It was on quite a few years ago (2012) but the programme introduced viewers to Abe, Jeremiah, Rebecca, Kate and Sabrina.

A few programmes have paid return visits to the group but this is a whole new series.

Abe and Rebecca knew each other a little before they went on the show.  In the first series when they went to live in New York they fell in love and Abe asked Rebecca to marry him.  Rejoining Rebecca we learn that they have now been married for three years and have two daughters.  Abe is now a truck driver so he’s away all week while he’s on the road.

They admit that it’s hard to keep a marriage and family together when you don’t see each other all that much.

This programme also catches up with Sabrina.  She hasn’t been in all of the catch up programmes but last we saw her she was pregnant.  Sabrina went on to have a baby, Oakley, but she was removed from Sabrina in 2014 when Sabrina ended up homeless and she started to abuse drugs.

Sabrina checked herself into rehab and is doing whatever she can now to get Oakley back.

Kate left the Amish as she wanted to be a model and pursue a career in the fashion industry.  She loved living in New York and has never looked back.

In what seems completely unrelated to anything, the producer asks Kate if she has a boyfriend and she looks down and seems to get a bit upset but tells them that she doesn’t.

Mary is my favourite of all of them.  She is Abe’s Mum and has toyed with turning ‘English’ but she’s gone back Amish.  Mary is being shunned but is living back with her husband Chester.  Abe and Rebecca go to see Mary and she tells them that she thinks she’ll be banished from the church.  If Mary is banished it means that she can never visit her parents or her Amish children.  It seems a terribly sad religion that would split a family like this.

Jeremiah has left the Amish several times but it seems he has finally left the Amish for the final time.  He has started a donut business and seems to be making a success of it.  He’s had some troubles with the police but he says he’s put his old behind him and is ready to move on.

As she feared, Mary is banished from the church.  Mary decides that she must leave Punxsutawney.  Sabrina lives in Lancaster and tells Mary to go and live there as they have a large Amish and Mennonite community.  They have a discussion and decide that they will all go to Lancaster (with the exception of Kate as she’s not there).

Sadly for Mary, Chester is not going to move with her.  They will not divorce as the Amish do not believe in divorce but it’s going to have a profound affect on their marriage.

Sabrina and Jeremiah go to Lancaster to look for a rental property for Mary.  They find a potentially suitable place but Sabrina is very troubled and starts to get very emotional telling Jeremiah that Rebecca deleted her from social media over the weekend.  Jeremiah stayed where he was and basically told her not to worry about it.  I get the impression that Sabrina was looking for him to feel very sorry for her and give her hugs and lots of sympathy.  Given the history between the two of them I think he was right to keep a safe distance.

Kate, living, studying and working in New York, is preparing for an interview for an internship with a designer, Cynthia Rowley.  The cameras accompany her to the interview.  I can’t imagine ever doing that.  I find interviews scary enough and I know that I go all red and blotchy so it’s not something I would want immortalised on film.  Although Kate doesn’t have the computer skills that they are looking for and creates her designs mainly by hand they do give her the internship.

The show ends with a ‘this season on Return to Amish’ round up.  It looks as though it’s going to be another explosive series.  Sabrina and Rebecca always had a bit of a love/hate relationship and it doesn’t look like that will be ending any time soon.

I’m excited that we’re catching up with the faces we got to know so well.  Are you watching this?  Did you watch from the beginning or are you just getting to know the people this series?


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