Don’t Tell The Bride – Holly & Cole

Here we go again…three weeks and £14,000 for a lovely wedding.

Cole is a cowboy loving man who wants a Western themed wedding and Holly wants a cozy family wedding.

Can I just say that I really like Cole – he has a garden full of gnomes!!  Fantastic!!  So do I.  They are always bright and colourful when the weather is dreary and the flowers are not in bloom.  Can’t go wrong with a gnome – I trust him to organise a great wedding.

Holly has apparently already planned her wedding with military precision – if you’re that controlling and know everything you want, why on earth would you go on this programme???

I’m not sure Holly’s mum is on board with the wedding at all.  She is talking to Holly and saying that she never thought they would get together, etc.  Holly is upset at being away from Cole for three weeks and her mum tells her that absence makes the heart grow fonder, she then says, you might even change your mind!  Not what I would want to hear from my mum!

Cole goes to a ranch and books that for the wedding.  Holly goes to a 16th century barn.  The venue Cole has booked has no mains power or running water.  It’s basically a field.  I don’t think Holly (or her mum) are going to be happy.

Holly takes her mum and auntie to the shop to show them the dress she would pick.  Cole and his best man go to a dress shop.  I actually don’t like the dress that Holly picks; it’s a fishtail style lace dress with very long train.  The dress that Cole picks isn’t great either; it’s knee length but it does look very country and western so will fit the theme of the day.

Holly’s mum wants her to get married in the same church that she got married in.  Holly’s mum only things that a wedding is a wedding if it’s in a church.  I completely disagree.  A wedding is a wedding if you are with the right person and vowing to spend your lives together.  Where you do it and how you do it is basically irrelevant and I think too many people forget that.

Cole has arranged for the girls to have a burlesque hen party.  Holly is a dance instructor so it seems a strange choice to send her to a dance lesson.  Cole and the boys have a drinking night out in Brighton.  Holly’s mum complains again – this time it’s that they weren’t sent for a meal on the hen do.

The day has come for Holly to see her dress.  Of course she takes her mum and auntie.  When she sees it she cries – not a good sign.  Her mum is actually quite encouraging and says the more you look at it the nicer it is, she then starts to cry and says that she imagines her daughter getting married in a long dress.  Her mum then tries to encourage her to be upset despite her daughter keep telling her that she’s fine.

To pay for the dress to be adjusted Cole cancels the buffet and asks the best men’s wives to bring food.

The bridesmaids have their outfits delivered and they are cowboy boots, flared skirts, western shirts, etc.  No pretty dresses for them but I actually think they are lovely.

Holly is not happy to have to get on a horse to ride into her wedding.  She then has to try and put a helmet on top of that.  There is then a show down where Cole has to rescue Holly from the cowboys.  It’s actually very sweet and nicely thought out.

Holly’s mum says that the day has not been the day that she would chose for her daughter.  She says it’s everything she didn’t want.  Well, it’s not her wedding so as long as her daughter is happy surely she should be happy?!

I was right – the gnome loving Cole did pull off a good wedding that his bride liked.  Well done Cole, it looked fantastic 🙂



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