Eat Well For Less

This week the family are Rob & Jodie with their two small daughters.

Jodie is a part time child minder so she can have quite a few mouths to feed.  Rob works long hours at the airport and gets home late.  He quite often comes home and rejects the slow cooker meal that has been prepared.  He will often pop into the shop on his way home and get something else.

Jodie estimates that they are buying too much and throwing away £30 to £40 worth of food every week.

Jodie normally does the family shop on her own but the couple are doing it together today.  It’s very interesting to watch as they cannot agree on a single thing to eat.

The ‘main’ shop isn’t too bad but collectively they visit the shops 11 times a week – that’s 10 shops on top of the main shop.  Jodie is spending about £90 on the food for her, the children and occasionally Rob – that’s not too bad.  Rob is spending another £94 a week on his shopping.  That’s a lot of money to feed just one person.

The taste test on this show is jelly.  During the taste test they don’t seem to have an outstanding  winner but they pick the Aldi jelly as their favourite.

Gregg and Chris are visiting the their nutrition expert to see how leftovers can be used up.  According to statistics most families throw out huge amounts of perfectly edible food.  I think that’s something that I’m very good at actually.  I throw out hardly anything.

The couple enjoy entertaining and usually spend £9 per bottle of Prosecco.  The swap that they are given is less than £5.  Chris visits Spain to see the difference between Cava and Champagne.  Essentially, the difference is that Champagne is made in one place in France and Cava is made anywhere else.  There is a slight taste difference but there’s not much in it.

Rob makes ‘bacon’ sandwiches but with turkey rashers.  I’ve had these when I’ve been on diets and they are nice but they don’t replace bacon and they dry out very quick.  He massively overcooks them so I can understand why Jodie doesn’t like it!

Rob makes chickpea burgers.  I’m not convinced – they don’t look very tasty.  Rob says that he likes it but I’m not sure his face believes him…

They return to the nutrition expert to find out the best snack foods that we can buy.  It’s not a very helpful segment as they don’t make any revelations.  She explains about the traffic light system on the front of packs and points out that they refer to a portion size rather than a whole pack.  It’s something that I was well aware of and I’m sure most other people know too.

At the end of the experiment the couple communicate a lot more about their food and they are eating together.  If the couple continue to shop and eat the way they have been taight they can save £91 a week.  This is over £4,500 per year.  It’s a significant amount of money when you consider how long it takes to earn that amount of money for most families.

This programme is a good reminder that you only have to make a few changes to save a lot of money.


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