RuPaul’s Drag Race – Season 8

I’m disappointed that I missed episode 1 but episode 2 is on and it doesn’t take long to catch up with the little recap at the beginning.

The quick challenge that the ladies must do is a cha cha to find two team captains for the maxi challenge.

The teams are divided into the Lady Bitches and the Shady Bitches and they need to a ‘scene’ which will involve a bit of acting and a bit of dancing.

What I love about this show is there may be some bitchiness between the ladies but there is a camaraderie and Ru encourages them to treat each other like family.  There are some very touching moments between them and you see that some of them have had incredibly hard lives and had to deal with a lot of hate and prejudice.

I also love to watch them apply their make-up and contour their faces.  I’m jealous of how beautifully some of them can apply make up and give themselves the illusion of cheekbones, etc.  I’d love to get my make-up done by these ladies!

I’m still getting to grips with the personalities and who’s who.  Dax Exclamation Point is standing out to me, she’s wearing stunning blue contact lenses and is having a discussion about how she used to be the fat kid at school with Kim Chi.  They really are, deep down, very supportive of each other.

I love Bob The Drag Queen.  She’s outspoken and a front runner for me.  In drag there is very little chance that you would look two at Derrick Barry and guess that she was in drag, similarly with Naomi Smalls.  They have done an amazing job!

Ru always comes down the catwalk in a beautiful dress and introduces her friend Michelle Visage and the special guests on her panel.  Michelle Visage generally shows way too much cleavage!  It’s often worth watching just to see what she’s wearing.

I love the motto of the show – If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else.  RuPaul does a fantastic job of making the less confident queens feel great about themselves.  Who knows how much is true and how much is staged but if one person watching it feels better about themselves as a result of the show then it’s great.

The ladies had to walk the runway this week in outfits fit for a movie premier.  They look amazing but I think Dax Exclamation Point is the winner of the week.  Chi Chi also looks stunning.  I’d be disappointed if one of them didn’t win.

Ru and her panel decide that Chi Chi DeVayne is the winner of this weeks challenge.

*Deep intake of breath* Dax Exclamation Point is up for elimination against Leila McQueen.  They now need to Lip-sync for their lives.  They have to lip-sync to I Will Survive.  There are probably very few ladies who couldn’t give that a good go!!

Even more stunningly RuPaul eliminates both of them.  I am stunned!!  Dax Exclamation Mark should have gone so, so much further.  What a funny decision!!  RuPaul then makes a phonecall and invites someone back onto the show…  Who will that be??


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