Return to Amish – Episode 2

I’m once again tuned into TLC and am watching the next episode of Return to Amish.

Mary is now living in Lancaster and Sabrina visits her and they’re having a little chat when Rebecca and Abe come and join then at the table.

Sabrina decides to ‘address’ the tension between her and Rebecca.  Sabrina asks why she had deleted her from social media.  Sabrina asks where they were when she was at the lowest point in her life.

Mary very diplomatically leaves the table and wanders away.  Abe, on a piece to camera, says that they tried to help Sabrina rebuild her life, they loaded up her possessions and arranged a place for her to stay in Punxy but within three days she was back in Lancaster and back on the drugs.

It’s obviously a very touchy subject for them as Rebecca breaks down and leaves the room with Abe.  I do find that Sabrina comes across as someone who is always looking for someone else to blame for her problems, she is looking for attention and sympathy and then plays the innocent when all hell has broken loose.

Maybe it’s me but Sabrina is coming across as very insincere the way that the tears turn on and off as she’s getting attention.  I’ve been upset to the point of barely being able to breathe and you don’t just stop the tears and feel fine again the way that she can.  I don’t know – maybe I’m wrong.  It seems as though she’s lacked attention as a child and is trying to make up for it now.

Next we join Kate on the first day of her new job.  She’s got to run out and pick up some samples.  Her job seems to be getting bossed about by people with a little bit of power that’s gone to their heads!  Whether you’re speaking to the managing director or the first day trainee then you should have a bit of respect and be polite!

Mary and Abe go and meet Andrew for lunch.  Andrew is Abe’s brother and he has been in and out of prison.  He’s currently in a halfway-house.  Abe is very disappointed that Andrew hasn’t changed at all and he’s going to be back to square one as soon as he’s out again.  Mary tells Andrew that she doesn’t think he should be with his wife Chapel any longer.  Mary thinks that she is a bad influence.  The last we saw of Chapel on the shows she had cancer and it was presented to the audience that she didn’t have long to live.  Mary tells Andrew that he has to make a decision between her and Chapel.  He choses Chapel so Mary tells him that her door is closed now as she can’t deal with more trouble from him.  He has caused her a lot of heartache and pain so I totally understand it.

Back in Lancaster Jeremiah and Sabrina go for a meal.  Sabrina is full of attitude and being unpleasant about Rebecca.  Sabrina complains that Abe fights Rebecca’s battles.  Of course he does, he’s her husband!!  If someone was verbally attacking me and making me cry my husband would most certainly step in and address the issue.

Mary decides to teach Abe and Rebecca how to make and use cloth diapers to help save them money.  In a piece to camera Rebecca goes crazy and says in no uncertain terms that she’s not using them.  Rebecca tells Mary that cloth diapers are disgusting and she dismisses Mary and leaves the room.

Sabrina goes to a counsellor’s appointment and tells him that Rebecca said she wasn’t good enough to be her friend.  That’s not exactly how the conversation went Sabrina!!

Kate’s colleagues start to question her about whether she’s involved or single.  She says that she’s single but it seems that she really doesn’t want to talk about it.  Her colleagues send her out and then start stalking her on social media looking for evidence of a man.  They find pictures of her with an older man.  This is what I hate about groups of girls, they do this bitchy back-biting thing but will be as sweet as sugar to your face.  Why is it any of there business who she’s dating as long as it doesn’t affect her work?!

Jeremiah now seems to want to stir something up as we’re told that he asked to meet with Abe, Rebecca and Sabrina away from the cameras…  They all stayed miked up though so you can still hear every word.  He wants Rebecca and Sabrina to clear the air and get things sorted out.  There’s a lot of swearing and shouting.  Abe’s so right – Jeremiah likes to pick at people until they start to fight and then just sit back and enjoy the show.

That’s the end of another episode and we’re hooked ready for the next episode!


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