First Dates – S7, Ep1

What are some of the moments in your life that can be cringe worthy and you probably don’t want other people to see?  Dating, job interview, medical appointment.  Well hold onto your hats because it seems that some people want to be on TV for any reason so we get to watch them on their first dates.

What I love about First Dates is the staff that work in the restaurant.  My favourite is Merlin behind the bar.

Felicity is dating Jethro.  They start their date with oysters; that’s not something I could ever eat, they look vile.  Felicity tells the camera that her last boyfriend was the right guy at the wrong time and calls him the one that got away; that’s a bit awkward.  Damian says to Felicity – tell me something you wouldn’t tell your parents.  She goes with ‘bum is out of bounds’.  In the little room they are asked if they would like to see each other again.  It’s always awkward because no one wants to answer first but they both say yes.

Damian is dating Kai.  Damian has Tourette’s syndrome and he’s nervous so it’s quite pronounced at the beginning.  It’s interesting to see them getting to know each other and their break away pieces to camera explaining some of the things that they’ve said.  Both of them have experienced really bad break ups which is maybe why they were matched.  That part of it I don’t know how it works, I don’t know if they arrange the dates themselves or if they have the programme sort it out.  Damian thinks Kai is well out of his league.  They make a lovely smiley couple and they do say that they want to see each other again.  I think they’re a really sweet couple.

79 year old Joe is dating 82 year old Dee.  Joe is currently studying for a degree, I suppose when you’re retired you’ve got the time to do it!  Joe shows us a picture of his late wife on their wedding day, he tells his date that he has been widowed 13 years.  Dee does ask Joe if he has to take Viagra – is that really a question for a first date??  It’s interesting to see how different the older couples are on a date compared to the young couples, they are much more relaxed and just chat like they are old friends.  They also decide that they would like to see each other again.

Abbey is dating James.  Abbey is a carpenter and is looking for someone else to be the ‘man’.  James is a special effects engineer.  Abbey says she is used to sardines on toast or beans on toast.  When James goes to the loo the server compliments Abbey’s dress and she tells her that she feels a bit of a knob because she’s used to wearing boys Primark jeans.  In the loo James tells another guest that he thinks she’s a bit too much of a tomboy.  I’m pretty sure that James is not going to want to see Abbey again.  I was right James said that he didn’t want to see her again, I think she’s a bit disappointed.

Ajai is dating Hema.  Ajai says that he’s proposed to three women, all of whom said yes, but he’s never actually been married.  Hema is the oldest in her family and is feeling the pressure as her younger family members are getting married and she’s fed up of attending all of their weddings as the single person.  Ajai is an accountant – don’t judge him for that, so am I!  Ajai tells Hema that his parents had an arranged marriage and they were not compatible.  He says he’s seen what bad looks like and he wants better.  Hema is the first one who goes to the loo to phone a friend.  I love this couple as Hema asked a ‘would you rather’ question.  I play this game with my husband – much to his annoyance.  She asked if he’d rather have big bug eyes or lobster hands – he goes for eyes.  They do say that they would like to see each other again.

At the end you have a catch up as to what happened next.  I was so happy to see that Damian and Kai have dated a few times since the programme.  Joe and Dee have been on one more date.  Ajai and Hema have been together for four months since the show.  No update on Felicity and Jethro though.  We know that it didn’t work out between Abbey and James and it’s good to see that Abbey is back next week.

I still don’t understand why anyone would put themselves through dating on TV but it’s good watching!


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