RuPaul’s Drag Race – S8, Ep3

Ok, so last week I got it completely wrong and one of my favourites was eliminated.  If you’ll remember, the episode ended with Ru saying that someone was coming back.  Lucky lady as Acid Betty is trying to encourage all of the others to ignore whoever comes back and treat them like poo.

The ladies are given a mini challenge to transform a black court gown.  Naomi Smalls wins the mini challenge.

Naysha Lopez is the queen who comes back.  I don’t remember her but maybe she was on a season that I didn’t see.

The team challenge is a bit of acting.  There are some good and some bad performances!

The runway is going to be done in rollerskates.  It sounds like a pretty tough challenge.

Thorgy Thor talks about his Mum.  He was away at college and when he checked in at home he was never told that his Mum was so ill.  Eventually he was called home and his Mum died that same day of cancer.  He’s really struggling to come to terms with not having been able to say goodbye to his Mum.

RuPaul usually dresses in the same theme as the queens for the week.  I was impressed to see her skating down the runway.

Naysha Lopez was doing so well but then falls.

Thorgy Thor looks very at home in the skates and the outfit.  It really suits her.

Derrick Barry is a very pretty queen.

Kim Chi is a very OTT queen and I think she’s falling to the bottom of the pack.

Acid Betty’s look is amazing and she is great on the skates.

Naomi Smalls outfit isn’t great and she looks massively uncomfortable on the skates (but she thinks she’s pulling it off well).

Bob the Drag Queen has gone for a robotic look, it’s brilliantly executed and she handles the skates well considering it’s her first time.

Cynthia Lee Fontaine has a red cowboy style outfit but it’s a bit disjointed.

Chi Chi DeVayne looks like she’s come straight from an 80’s roller disco.

Robbie Turner looks like she’s skated a lot and her outfit is very good too.

Once the runway looks have been revealed they watch the sketches that have been recorded.  Bob The Drag Queen is head and shoulders better than the rest.  She deserves to win.

Bob The Drag Queen wins the challenge this week – it was well deserved.

The bottom three are Cynthia Lee Fontaine, Robbie Turner and Derrick Barry.  Derrick Barry is saved so Cynthia Lee Fontaine and Robbie Turner  are lip syncing for their lives.

RuPaul decides that Robbie Turner stays so it’s goodbye to Cynthia Lee Fontaine.  Now 9 girls remain.


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