First Dates – S7, Ep2

It’s back again – and I actually got to watch this one quite quickly so let’s dive in!

We start with best friends Josh and Jack.  They start with a conversation between themselves as to which one is the best looking – they each think they are.  They work in a club and say that they think they’re single because ‘you don’t meet girls in a club that you want to date’.  Good advice!

Next up we meet self confessed ‘Daddy’s girl’ Morgan.  She has a very smug look about her and tells camera that her Dad said he was going to buy her a horse to keep her away from the boys.  She is taken over to Josh and Jack and they are told they have to figure out which boy she’s dating.

The other date for the boys is, shopaholic, Jasmine.  They seems to split into two couples at the bar but when seated they are matched with the opposite one they paired off with.  They are sat at tables next to each other and Morgan keeps looking at the other man rather than her date.  That’s unsporting and very unfair on Jasmine.

When Jasmine sits down she makes a bit fuss about saying that she’s checking that her boobs aren’t out.  Later in the date she tells him not to look at her boobs – stop going on about them then!!

Jasmine and Josh agree that they won’t see each other again.  Jasmine tells him he’d be better on a date with Morgan.  Jack says that he would like to see Morgan again.  Morgan says that she would give him another go.  I think there’s no chance!  She’s trying to get to Josh, that’s what I think!

Sandy is the next lady waiting for a date.  She has a nice chat with Merlin and tells him that she climbed Everest last year.  They then arm wrestle.  Her date is a red pair of trousers – I mean Steve.  She’s a personal trainer and he’s involved in a nutritional business so you can see why they’ve been matched.

Steve asks Sandy what sign she is.  That’s quite an old fashioned thing I think.  Do people still ‘do’ the whole star sign thing?  They aren’t featured very heavily but they do say they would like to see each other again.

Abbey is back again.  This time she’s dressed in a manner that she’s happier with.  She’s looking for someone to accept her for the person she is so good for her.  She.s on a date with odd job man Eddie.  He’s not looking for a selfie-obsessed made up girl so Abbey sounds perfect for him.  First impressions: they look like a great match.

Eddie says that he would like to see Abbey’s boat.  They are having very sweet and simple conversation.  Eddie’s parents broke up during his GSCE’s and his belief in relationships has gone.  They decide that they’re just going to have a rollie for pudding.

They agree that they would like to see each other again and had fun.  Good.  They looked like a great match.

Faye is another dater who says that she chatted up Prince William and could have been Kate.  Benny is Faye’s date.  Faye likes Australian men and Benny is Australian.  Oh, match made in heaven then!

Benny is doing a social experiment and giving something up for a month.  He tells Faye that he gave up pornography for February – very impressive!

Fay reveals that she was running with her hands in her pockets and tripped and couldn’t get her hands out of her pockets, landed on her face and had a brain injury which she is just now recovering from.  That’s pretty awful.

They do decide that they would like to see each other again.

The end of programme update reveals:-

Morgan gave her number is Jack AND Josh but did go on a second date with Jack.  I’m surprised but if someone gave there number to me and my mate I wouldn’t want to know them for a second date to be honest.

Eddie and Abbey have seen each other since their first date and Eddie is also doing carpentry lessons.

Faye and Benny have been on two more dates.

That must be one of the most successful programmes.


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