Return to Amish – S3, Ep2

Mary reveals that she’s been doing secret Tupperware parties for a long time.  Amish women are not supposed to work or make money but Mary is feisty and good for her!

Sabrina phones Kate (and starts crying…again) as she’s going to New York to give a speech about how she was brought up.  Kate is very kind and invites her to come and stay with her.  How does selfish Sabrina repay Kate’s favour?  She asks EVERYONE to go with her.  Sabrina even says that she doesn’t know if Kate’s going to be very happy about everyone going with her but she essentially says that she doesn’t care.

Kate’s boss, Cynthia Rowley, tells camera that they will keep pushing Kate until she breaks.  What a delightful human she is!!

As Abe and Rebecca pack Abe says that he’s looking forward to spending time with just Rebecca without the kids.  Erm, if you decide to have kids then they are your life and you don’t get to pack them away when you feel like it!  It’s funny isn’t it; there are people in the world who would give up everything to have children and some people who have them that just want to get away from them.  Life’s a funny old caper.

Kate’s face was a picture when everyone turned up at her apartment.  Kate asked where they were all staying.  Rebecca told Kate that they were staying with her for about three weeks.  Her apartment is tiny, obviously because it’s in New York.  Rebecca says that she would rather sleep on the floor in a sleeping bag than pay $400 a night for a hotel.

Jeremiah sleeps in the bath and Sabrina thinks it’s funny to go in there in the middle of the night and turn the taps on.  She’s so incredibly disrespectful of someone else’s home and she wakes everyone else up.

Mary goes out to a street fair and buys a red cape.  Her faces just lights up when she puts it on and she buys it.  The Amish are not allowed to wear red because it’s the devils colour.

Kate and Sabrina go out for dinner.  Sabrina tells Kate all about how she lived in a car, etc.  Sabrina then asks Kate if it’s true she’s dating a plastic surgeon.  Kate says no and just completely closes up.  There’s then a piece to camera with Kate where she’s asked about her boyfriend.  She shouts that she doesn’t have a boyfriend and then starts to cry.  Something’s gone on there but if Kate wants to keep that aspect of her life private then it’s not right for the show to push that.

In a short piece Jeremiah and Sabrina are chatting and Jeremiah tells Sabrina that he has a girlfriend.  I think she was hoping to play with him again and have him dangling on a string.

Mary and Jeremiah go for a walk and he takes her to a church.  Mary won’t go in because it’s too big and fancy.  Mary says that she doesn’t need ‘things’ and ‘adornments’ to pray to God.  That is the one thing I do agree with.

Mary asks Kate to go out.  Mary takes Kate to Grand Central Station and when Kate asks why they’re there Mary tells her that Esther, her daughter, is coming.  So more rudeness then, invite someone else to come and stay at Kate’s without asking!

Rebecca’s face is a picture of fury when she sees Esther.  Jeremiah tells Abe and Rebecca to say hello and give Esther a hug because they are completely ignoring her.  Apparently there is some ‘history’ between Rebecca and Esther.  I think this series is about to kick off!!



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