Don’t Tell The Bride – Robert & Adrianna

Here we go again.  Robert likes to be the centre of attention and Adrianna doesn’t.

Adrianna works in retail and enjoys fashion.  Robert is thrifty and isn’t interested in fashion.

Adrianna wants everything small intimate and white.  Robert wants things big, loud and colourful.

The horrible bit of this show is where they have to live apart for three weeks and have no contact.  I couldn’t imagine doing that.  I hate the occasional night when my husband stays away but we text and chat on the phone.  I wonder if they actually have zero contact for three weeks.

Robert’s best man looks alarmed when Robert reveals he wants Adrianna to have a gold dress.

Robert and his friends go and look at a palace for the venue.  It’s hard to concentrate on anything apart from Robert’s red socks and sandals combo!

Adrianna’s family keep telling her to expect something big and over the top with Robert in charge but she keeps telling them that he knows what she likes so it’ll be fine.

While wedding dress shopping Adrianna wants something straight and pure white.  Robert is looking for something gold.  The shop don’t have any gold dresses so he is having a gold prom dress customised.  Adrianna keeps saying that she feels Robert knows her very well so he’ll pick something just like the one she’s chosen – WRONG!!

Robert buys cloth for the bridesmaids dresses (all eight of them).  It’s bright colours and traditional African.

The bridesmaids dresses are delivered and the girls faces are a picture.  The boys are told that Adrianna’s not going to be happy!  The dresses are actually very pretty but none of them fit properly.  Adrianna’s sisters won’t even come out of the bedroom.  Robert leaves rather dejected and with a bundle of dresses under his arm.

Adrianna goes to see her dress…when she realises it’s not white she is not happy!  She tries it on but her face would indicate that she’s on her way to a funeral.  Her bridal party are unhelpful by telling her that she doesn’t look like a bride and it doesn’t look like a wedding dress.  Adrianna asks her sisters to call Robert and find out if anything can be done about the dress.  Robert tells them there’s no other option, she has to wear it.

The big day arrives and the first thing that Adrianna sees is the bridesmaid’s dresses.  She doesn’t understand how they fit in with her dress.

Adrianna’s face is a picture of misery on the journey to her wedding.  She wanted something small and walks into a venue holding 300 people.  Even walking down the aisle she looks pretty miserable but does eventually crack a smile.

They arrive at the reception venue and have to finish setting up so it’s all hands on deck to set up.  There are no drinks, there’s nothing on the table and there’s no food.  It does all get sorted out though and people eat, drink and dance.

I can’t but think that the bride should smile a bit more on her wedding day though.


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