Eat Well For Less – The Hoyland Family

This is the last in the current series of Eat Well For Less.  The family this week love convenience food.  The Dad is a coeliac so has to be careful what he eats.

The first things in the trolley are refrigerated Weight Watchers ready meals at £2.50 each.  They also buy a ready roasted chicken which is expensive.  They buy a tiny bit of salad but then back to microwave pouches of rice as they say gluten free on them.  No rice has gluten in it!  In the ‘free from’ section they get a tomato cook in sauce.  Making a home made tomato sauce is so easy and would not have any gluten in it anyway.

They buy coffee in cups and water in bottles.  That is going to be an incredibly expensive shop!!  They can’t even guess what their shop is going to be and it turns out to be just over £150.  On average the family spend about £140 a week in supermarkets but add on the extras and they are spending in excess of £180 a week.

Chris’s wife is  coeliac so he can help the family to cook ‘safe’ meals for the whole family.  They should go shopping with a family that has to cater for a nut allergy: it takes ages as you check each and every label.

After bread, the biggest selling bakery product in the UK are crumpets so the WI are doing a blind taste test.  The winner is Warburtons but Aldi come in second place: it’s the most expensive followed by the least expensive.  Once again it shows that it’s worth trying different things.

I have learnt that putting a metal skewer through the middle of the potato takes about 15 minutes off the cooking time of a baked potato – remember, this is only for oven cooking!  Don’t put a metal skewer in the microwave.

Greg visits a coffee roasting factory to learn more about coffee and if coffee has to be expensive to taste nice.  I can’t stand coffee so this wasn’t an interesting segment for me but my husband loves his coffee and is quite picky about the coffee he buys.  That’s one thing I let him buy himself.

Chris visits the Dad of the family to show him how to make fish and chips at home – this is the meal that he misses the most.  To be fair, it doesn’t look like the meal you get from the chippie but when you have food allergies you have to make sacrifices.  I used to love so many things that I can’t have anymore but with my nut allergy it’s just not worth risking it.

The experiment is over, as usual the family keep some of the swops and reject a few.  If they shop in a similar fashion to the way they have been shown they will save £90.83 per week.  That’s pretty huge as they’ve managed to halve their food bill.

The cost saving is brilliant but it’s really nice that they can now eat the same meal.


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