Return to Amish – S3, Ep 3

We rejoin everyone sitting in Kate’s apartment with a stony silence over the arrival of Abe’s sister Esther.  Rebecca really doesn’t seem to like her and walks out.

Esther has recently turned 18 and is at the age where she decides whether to stay Amish or turn English.

Sabrina and Jeremiah go for an Indian meal.  It’s all very awkward!  Sabrina tells him that every morning when she wakes up he’s been in her dreams.  Sabrina manages to turn it into an emotional situation and ends up crying again.  She soon turns the taps off again though when Jeremiah’s making a fuss of her.

Rebecca is now taking Abe to the dentist.  It’s the same dentist that made Rebecca’s dentures.  Abe has rampant decay in most of his teeth and a number of them are so bad that they cannot be saved.  Dentists are a big fear of mine so I won’t dwell on that…

Abe and Jeremiah go out and get a drink.  Jeremiah asks Abe is he’s trying to make Rebecca look like Kate since the change of hair colour.

Mary and Esther are helping Kate with some sewing when Esther asks Kate if she will help her with a makeover.  Mary tells her that she’s not having a makeover and until she knows how the outside world works she will continue to dress in her Amish clothes.

Oh no, back to the dentist.  Abe his being told that he needs a full mouth reconstruction and it will cost $21,000 to fix his teeth.

Sabrina, Jeremiah and Kate are sitting in Kate’s apartment.  Jeremiah is trying to stir up trouble again by telling Kate that that Rebecca’s changed her hair colour to look more like her.  Sabrina tries to get her involved in the argument between her and Rebecca but Kate refuses to be drawn in.  Sabrina and Jeremiah love nothing more that stirring and bitching.

Rebecca tells the group that she wants to get a job to help Abe pay for his dental treatment.  Rebecca seems to think that he should go to an Amish dentist and he should get his teeth pulled and then wear dentures.  Abe refuses (can’t blame him!) but also doesn’t want Rebecca to get a job because the Amish believe women take care of the children and men work.  Jeremiah points out that they’re not Amish any longer.

Kate is called to a meeting with her boss Cynthia Rowley.  Cynthia tells Kate that she needs to have computer skills as well as become a lot more outspoken.

Esther tells camera that back home she does a lot for Rebecca such as babysitting and cleaning.  It kind of makes you wonder what Rebecca is doing back at home as she doesn’t work and her ‘job’ is to look after the children and the house so why is Esther doing this for her?

Rebecca goes to get a job in a bakery in New York.  This is odd.  How long are they staying in New York??  They have children at home!

Esther tells Rebecca that she wants to talk.  Rebecca is so rude to her.  She sits there smirking and telling Esther it’s amazing that she has friends and she is a typical teenager and she’s self centered.  Rebecca is truly nasty.  The episode ends with Abe and Esther jumping in a taxi and telling the cameras to take a hike.


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