The Great British Bake Off -Episode 1

It’s back!!  I absolutely love the Bake Off so I now have 11 happy weeks ahead.

I wasn’t sure that I would be finished in time to watch live but, only just, I am sat on my sofa with my laptop on.  It’s been a very busy day!  It started with a dog walk at 7am and ended with a shopping delivery (an hour late!). In between was work, grass cutting, bed changing, washing and all sorts of other things!

Right then, here we go.  Our 12 new bakers are ready and so am I.

The first week is cake week.

The signature challenge is a drizzle cake.

We have Jane, Michael, Louise, Selasi, Val, Andrew, Lee, Rav, Kate, Candice, Benjamina and Tom.

There are loads of different drizzle cakes, lots of lemon drizzle cake as it’s the original and, arguably, the best!!  I made a gorgeous lemon drizzle cake at the weekend, I’ll share it with you soon.

Rav’s ginger drizzle cake doesn’t appeal to me.  Ginger and drizzle don’t scream out as being a good combination to me.  I love Selasi’s laid back attitude.  Val seems to think she’s on an exercise show rather than baking; she then drops flowers on the floor but says she’ll ‘get away with it’.  I hope she’s now going to put floor on her cake!

Selasi gets the first coy look of the series for his cake – it does look like a good cake.

The technical challenge is Jaffa cakes.  I love Jaffa cakes but wouldn’t know how on earth to make them.

It looks like a lot of them have overfilled their muffin tins so they have huge cake parts.

Candice has not followed the recipe and she has added orange juice to her jelly recipe – if Berry had wanted orange juice she would have told you to add orange juice!!  It’s hard to concentrate on anything though with her wearing that almost black lipstick.

This is the challenge that’s judged blind.  Andrew comes last and Selasi comes first with the rest somewhere in between!

The show stopper challenge is a mirror glaze cake.

Michael’s cake looks very interesting being bright green and, apparently, smelling of grass.  Erm, is that what you want from a cake??

Candice has to start her sponges again as they are rubbery and haven’t risen.  She’s not the only one making sponges again though, another five contestants start again.

Tom is making another alcoholic cake – perhaps his plan is to keep the judges drunk so they just keep waving him through the rounds.

Paul gets a bit cross talking to Val as she keeps going off and doing her own thing rather than stopping and speaking to him.

Candice’s second lot of sponges don’t seem much better than the first.

Sue is lovely and spurs Benjamina on when she spots her crying.  Forget Paul and Mary, it’s Mel and Sue that make this show brilliant!

The mirror glazes are going on with one minute left and the bakers look pretty spent after they’ve finished.

Jane’s chocolate orange cake is a bit wonky but it does look nice and the judges like it.

Rav’s mocha cake looks good but the cake is too dry.

Tom’s cake is a bit dull and Paul tells him it should have had more alcohol in it.

Michael’s cake looks a bit of a state and Mary doesn’t like the flavour.

Kate’s glaze isn’t very mirrored.  The sponge is nice but not a good glaze.

Silasi’s cake looks a bit thin.  His fruit glaze isn’t shiny but Paul says the flavour is beautiful and Mary says it’s a joy to eat.

Val’s chocolate cake looks very good and shiny but she’s creamed her butter with caster sugar for the buttercream so it’s gritty and she gets a ‘see me’ from Paul.

Lee’s cake is completely plain and the cake is too dry so not good overall.  I think he could be in trouble.

Louise has no mirror glaze but her cake is delicious.

Benjamina has a nice shiny cake and the judges think it looks good.  Paul says that her cake is lovely so from tears she has made a brilliant cake.

Candice takes her cake on a ridiculous massive mirror.  Her plain sponges are not cooked and Paul says they are awful.

The judges are very pleased with Andrew’s cake and Paul puts him right at the top of the pile.

So, the first star baker is Jane.  I wasn’t expecting that but well deserved.

The first to leave is Lee.  I kind of thought it might be him but Mary says that Val will have to buck up her ideas for the next show.

Next week Mel asks Rav if he needs a pair of warm hands on his bag…  Roll on Bake Off next week.

Did you enjoy the first episode?  Any early favourites?  Who’s going to leave next?


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