Don’t Tell The Bride – Zoe & Matthew

This week it’s Matthew in control of the £14,000 budget to organise the wedding of his fiancé’s dreams.

Matthew describes Zoe as a ticking time bomb and says that she has tantrums when she doesn’t get what she wants.  Another high maintenance bride to be!

Zoe wants a classy, indoor wedding with a vintage theme.  Matthew wants to organise a Roman themed wedding with a battle.

I think it’s interesting in this programme how they always manage to get a venue at such short notice.  They also get a dress without months of waiting.

The first thing that the boys start to organise is the stag do.  Zoe’s Mum seems to know Matthew better than she does: she tells Zoe that he’s a rugby boy and he’s going to have more than one stag do.  Zoe’s sure that he won’t do that – I think she’s wrong…

The wedding venue that Matthew chooses looks like a big and muddy field but it’s the place he took her on their first date and is the ancient ruins of a Roman amphitheatre.  It looks like it’s going to be cold and wet to me.  Zoe takes her family to Canada Lodge near Cardiff and it looks beautiful, cosy and quaint.

The venue is booked for £150 – lucky Zoe!  The boys now go and look at ‘props’ and costumes.  They get these for £500.

Next job is the wedding dress.  The boys sit back and relax and like everything that they are shown.  Zoe tries on lots of really vile dresses but then finds something very pretty.  The boys pick a pretty dress but it’s quite plain but it’s wearable and shouldn’t cause too much complaining.

The wedding reception – well, of course, that’s going to be at an Indian restaurant.  That would be my dream reception as I love a curry but it’s the sort of thing you would have to want!  The building that the Indian restaurant is housed in is beautiful though, and as long as she likes curry, she should be happy.

Zoe is told that she needs to take her gym clothes to her hen do.  She gets a bit shouty, retreats under a blanket (and then wipes her nose on the blanket!)  On the day of the hen do she admits that she’s had a great day at a trampoline place.  The boys do have a one night stag.  The girls go off for a meal but have to carry all of their bags of clothes.  At the restaurant they are told they get five bottles of wine and two bottles of Prosecco but they have to pay for their own meals.

The bridesmaids get to see their dresses.  They are very short and they have no shoes.  The dresses are rather see through but they could be worse…

The day before the wedding arrives and Zoe gets to see her dress.  She is completely silent before crying and having hysterics.  Once again, someone who shouldn’t have gone on the show!

When she gets the dress on she looks lovely and says that she loves it and she’s so happy.  It seems like she was going to overreact to whatever was in that dress bag.

The wedding guests are all asked to put on fancy dress.  Most of them join in.  Meanwhile Zoe is on a minibus before being loaded onto a horse drawn chariot.  Zoe’s Dad meets her dressed in his Roman attire.  As Zoe approaches a battle erupts but Matthew ‘saves the day’.

Matthew is very lucky that it was a beautiful day because that venue on a rainy day would have been horrendous but on a bright and sunny day it all looked beautiful.

The reception venue also looks really lovely and is popular with the bride.  It was a shaky start but it was a great day – well done Matthew.



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