Return to Amish – S3, Ep 4

We’re back again with the group still overstaying their welcome with Kate in New York.

Esther is complaining to Mary about the argument she had with Rebecca.  Mary recognises that Rebecca is trying to run Esther out of New York and wants them to confront the issue.  Rebecca talks to camera and speaks of how Esther is ‘just a little kid’ but I think you’ll find she is actually the same age as Rebecca was when she came to New York, give or take.

The more I watch this programme the lower my opinion of Rebecca gets.  While she’s messing around in New York staying, uninvited, in someone else’s apartment and working where are her children that are her ‘life’?

Rebecca gets a telling off for adjusting her dentures in the food preparation area.  She has to be told to go and wash her hands.  Gross!

Sabrina is preparing her speech and Jeremiah asks to hear what she’s prepared.  Abe has to be told to put a book down while he’s meant to be listening.  Rebecca walks in mid-speech and disturbs them.  Abe is rude while she’s speaking and walks away to go for a walk.

Kate takes Mary on the subway.  It gets really, really busy and Mary doesn’t like it and is worried about all the germs – we now know she needs to worry about Rebecca’s mouth germs being all over her cooking more than any subway germs!

The programme joins Kate on a night out with the girls from work.  The producer asks her why she went so quiet when they asked about a boyfriend.  Kate gets very defensive again and says ‘whatever, I don’t want to talk about that’.  There’s only been four episodes so far but it’s so noticeable that she gets very, very funny when boyfriends are mentioned.  Who exactly is she dating??

Esther and Mary have a conversation as Esther wants to get her nails done hot pink.  Mary tells her that if she does the laundry she can have her nails done but with no colour.  Mary admits that as Esther is her youngest she’s being very protective and trying to keep Esther Amish.

Sabrina goes to New York University to speak to a child development class.  Mary goes with her for moral support.  Sabrina tells them everything about growing up Mennonite, her lack of education and her problem with drugs.

Sabrina comes back from her speech and tries to talk to Rebecca again.  Rebecca does seem to look down at her all the time, she never cracks a smile and does come across very snobby and stand-offish.

Mary goes out to party with the MYU kids.  I like Mary but I think it’s very hypocritical that she’s out drinking with the students and yet she won’t let her daughter paint her nails.

Esther and Sabrina go for a walk and have a talk about Rebecca.  Sabrina reveals that at home Esther looks after Rebbeca’s children, she cleans, she does the cooking, etc.  Sabrina tells her that she doesn’t want her to get a life because Rebecca will lose that and have to do things herself.  Like I said before, what is Rebecca doing if she’s not looking after her house and children?  Although her and Abe wants to be ‘English’ they still live very Amish so Rebecca doesn’t work at home and her ‘job’ is looking after her home and children.  If we’ve learnt that Esther is doing it then what is Rebecca doing?

Sabrina tries to talk to Rebecca again and Rebecca just stands there looking at her slowly blinking her eyes and just saying ok.  Rebecca seems to have absolutely no emotion.  Sabrina tells her that she picks everyone apart and brings them down to make herself feel better.  Rebecca does end up sobbing, while she does Sabrina reminds her that when she was sobbing like that the other say Rebecca just walked away from her.

Abe gets home and goes to ‘sort out’ Sabrina.  Abe tries to tell Sabrina how to behave and Sabrina laughs at him and tells him he’s not in charge of her.  Jeremiah weighs in and tells Abe that he can’t speak to her like that.

Abe and Rebecca are a very funny couple – let’s see what they do for the rest of the series and if Rebecca ends up losing her ‘home help’ and if they’ll ever go home and leave Kate in peace in her apartment!


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