Ru Paul’s Drag Race – S8, Ep 5

It’s getting slightly easier to write about season 8 of Ru Paul’s Drag Race now as I’m starting to get to know and recognise the contestants.  There are so many to start with and they each only get a little bit of camera time so it takes a while to get to know them.

Bob and Derrick have a slanging match as they are getting their costumes off after the last runway.  They seem to have picked each other as their strongest competition and are trying to drag each other down.

This week is the best week for Drag Race as it’s the Snatch Game.  Think Blankety Blank but with drag queen’s impersonating a celebrity.

Chi Chi is being Eartha Kitt, Kim is going to be either Pearl or Kimmy Jong Un, a made up character.  Derrick is being Laura Bell Bundy(?) but Ru kind of suggests she should do Brittany.  Thorgy Thor is doing Michael Jackson.

The runway category is Night of 100 Madonnas.

Thorgy is brilliant as Michael Jackson, Chi Chi is funny as Eartha Kitt and Bob is very good as Uzo Aduba from Orange Is The New Black.  Bob changes from Uzo Aduba to Carol Channing – it’s the first time I’ve seen a queen change mid game.

Michelle Visage, on the judging panel, actually looks really nice this week – not too much of her boobs on show!

Thorgy’s Madonna isn’t brilliant.

Kim Chi doesn’t give me much Madonna but she looks ok.

Derrick Barry is the best kimono Madonna.

Naomi Smalls doesn’t look like Madonna and is another kimono.

Acid Betty is doing a very interesting Madonna.

Robbie Turner does a brilliant Madonna from a League of Their Own.

Chi Chi does the cone bra look and she carries it off well.

Bob the Drag Queen is in a boy scout outfit and comes close to the Madonna photo.

Robbie Turner would be my winner for the runway but I’d have to give the Snatch Game to Bob but only just over Thorgy Thor’s Michael Jackson.

Bob The Drag Queen wins this weeks challenge and wins a $7,000 collection of handbags – can’t be bad!

Acid Betty and Naomi Smalls are lipsyncing for their lives.  Naomi’s performance entails stripping down to bra and briefs and dancing about while doing a really bad job of lipsyncing.  Ru Paul sends home Acid Betty – what a shocker!

Remember – if you can’t love yourself, how in the hell you gunna love somebody else!


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