RuPaul’s Drag Race – S8, Ep 4

Time for another episode of Drag Race.  Cynthia has left and Bob The Drag Queen won.

The drag queens stand about and have a debrief and use the time to tell Derrick Barry that she needs to get a personality that isn’t Brittany.

This weeks challenge is for the queens to form a New Wave band.  They will be working in teams of three and will have to write and perform an original song and the band must have an original style.

The runway category this week is neon realness.

One of the bands is formed of Thorgy Thor, Bob the Drag Queen and Acid Betty.  On paper they should be great but will the big personalities be too big for each other?  Their theme is ‘Party’.

Robbie, Kim and Naomi make up a punk band and they seem to be struggling a bit with ideas.

The final band are ChiChi, Derrick Barry and Naysha.  At their rehearsal they are told to speak the lyrics rather than sing them as they aren’t good singers – as you can imagine that doesn’t really go down well!

Thorgy Thor is a professionally trained musician and she’s taking the whole music thing a bit seriously.  It’s meant to be a bit of fun, they’re not looking to create a new symphony.

The party band squabble in front of the coach.  Their performance is criticised for being too theatrical and like a musical.  They are told that they need to be ‘more cool’.  Bob starts a bit of an argument with the judge: not a great move!  Essentially, they are the best of the three but I think Bob might have damaged their chances!

I love to watch the queens apply their make up.  They are amazing at contouring and could really teach me a lesson!

Chi Chi tells them that she is bankrupt and has no money to her name.  She tries to explain how hard it is to live like that.

Ru’s catwalk look is another beautiful outfit of sparkly blue jumpsuit.  The judging panel includes Debbie Harry who’s wearing an outfit which gives her about a dozen boobs and she’s wearing big yellow plastic sunglasses (she does eventually take them off and looks so much better!)

They run through the runway looks really fast but the ones I like are Robbie Turner and Thorgy Thor.

Robbie is the winner of this weeks challenge and the whole group get to leave the stage as they are safe.

In the lipsync this week are Chi Chi and Naysha.  They must now lipsync to ‘Call Me’ by Blondie.  Chi Chi really deserves the win for this one with the tricks she’s performing on stage!  Chi Chi does get the win so Naysha is off home again.


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