Strictly Come Dancing

Where do I start??  It’s back!!  This is great because I love it but it’s also terrible news because it means the countdown to Christmas has started and, with my lifestyle changes, I’m not entirely sure where the budget is coming from to pay for Christmas this year…  Never mind, I’ll have to get creative.

So, the start of the first show was pretty ludicrous with the whole spaceship nonsense.  This first show could be about half the length if there wasn’t so much messing around but I know a lot of people enjoy the whole performance.  Myself, I like the bit with the celebrities rather than the professional dancers showboating.  I will say, however, that I do like the fact that the judges join in the dancing.  To have a panel of experts that are actually experts is superb.  The judges on this show know what they’re talking about when they critique the celebrities dancing because all of the judges can dance and have had successful careers as dancers before the show.  Simon Cowell may have got rich from his record label but he can’t actually sing.  The only expert on that show is Nicole because she can really sing.  This isn’t about The X Factor so lets get back to Strictly.

I’m excited about Robert Rinder and Will Young this year.

Louise Rednapp, Naga Munchetty (how pretty is she?!), Anastacia (she’s donating her entire fee to a cancer charity) and Laura Whitmore (never heard of her) and partnered with Kevin, Pasha, Brendan and Giovanni respectively.

The programme is then unduly extended while Claudia has a chat with the first four couples.  Tess then has to ask the judges what they think: this is a complete load of nonsense as the judges haven’t seen them dance!

I must admit to fast forwarding Rebecca Ferguson singing…  Life is short…  More time wasting while Claudia chats to the unpaired celebrities.  Claudia is good at banter with the celebrities but it just makes the programme so long.

I don’t understand why we then have to watch the professionals dance with each other again.  We all know that they can dance otherwise they wouldn’t be on the show!

Melvin Odoom (never heard of him), Greg Rutherford, Robert Rinder (how brilliant is he?!) and Danny Mac (no idea who he is) are partnered with Janette, Natalie, Oksana and Oti respectively.

Cut back to Claudia for a bit more time wasting, sorry, I mean chatting.  I do love Judge Rinder though, he pulls the best faces and comes out with some amazing one liners.

Back to the judges, and crazy Bruno, to give an opinion on something they haven’t seen and don’t know about.  Seriously, what can the judges say?!

I did watch Jay and Aliona (I hadn’t noticed that she wasn’t back!).  The routine had lost a bit of its wow factor but I think that’s because last year no one expected Jay to be that good and it was a shock.  It was still good but didn’t have tears prickling my eyes like it did last year.

It’s time for a video of when the professionals first met the celebrities.  I wonder what they do in the studio while the video is on?  Is it tiddle time for the hosts – can they not manage 90 minutes without spending a penny?!?!

Claudia Fragapani (sorry, I know it’s just been the Olympics but I haven’t heard of her), Daisy Lowe (absolutely no idea who she is), Lesley Joseph (she never looks any different!) and Tameka Empson (not an EastEnders watcher so I don’t know who she is) and partnered with AJ, Aljaz, Anton and Gorka respectively.

More chatter now with Claudia and the celebrities before Tess talks to the judges again.

I like Olly Murs but he got fast forwarded too…  It’s now 70 minutes in and I’m getting bored.

The final males to be partnered up are Ore Oduba, Ed Balls (good on him for giving it a go because I’m sure he’ll be subject to much press criticism) and Will Young (I think he’s brilliant and he seems to genuinely excited).  They are partnered with Joanne, Katya and Karen.

Early thoughts…  I can see Will and Louise doing very well as both of them have experienced choreography in their pasts and will have a good idea of what they are up to and how to learn their moves.  Judge Rinder showed a bit of a washboard stomach so I think he might be a dark horse and Ore and Claudia should also be up there in the top scorers.

At least when asked about the pairings he says that he has no idea what they’re going to be like.  Always trust Len to speak the truth!

The group dance was really good but I was distracted by how vile Louise’s dress was.  I don’t know why they put her in that long pink thing – it looked really frumpy.

Anyway, that’s it, the celebrities are paired with their professionals and we have just less than 3 weeks to wait until the first show.

Who’s your money on for the win??


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