Return to Amish – S3, Ep 5

Ready for the next instalment?  How much arguing can they get involved in today?  How nasty can Rebecca be and how many little smirks can she create on her face while people are trying to talk to her?

We resume the argument that the last show ended on.  Abe is on the street shouting at Sabrina.  Sabrina tells Abe that she’s very offended being compared to his brother Andrew.  Abe finally does the right thing and walks away.  He should never have got involved in the first place.

Mary goes shopping as her philosophy is that arguments get solved over a meal.

It’s good to know that the group haven’t finished taking the mick of Kate’s hospitality as Jeremiah reveals that his children are coming to stay in the morning.

Abe goes to see Rebecca at work and complain about her working.  Abe wants to be ‘English’ but he’s very slow to adapt to the ‘English’ way of living and realising that most women have to work.

Mary is cooking the meal that she wanted to make but complaining that the kitchen is too small.  What Mary fails to remember is that this is an apartment for one or two people – not the million that are currently staying there!  Mary’s meal does seem to have the desired effect and the group do start to talk.  I think they should conclude that they don’t really get on and not keep spending time together as a group!

Kate tells the group that she can’t take this anymore.  She’s taking finals and can’t cope with the stress.  Rebecca gets up and gives her a hug but it seems to fake because she’s the instigator of most of the troubles!  I think Kate gets more comfort from her lovely little dog than nasty Rebecca.

Kate shows her boss, Cynthia, her collection of dresses.  Cynthia tells her she needs to do more and make clothes with more personality.  Cynthia thinks Kate should build her brand around the fact that she grew up Amish and is now living and working in New York.  Kate has never wanted to draw attention to her past.

Jeremiah’s children arrive and he takes them out and about.  They seems like pretty sweet children.

Abe starts a conversation with Rebecca about how much it’s bugging him that she’s working.  Rebecca tells him that because he made the decision to keep his teeth she’s working to help pay for it.  Now, I don’t know how long they are staying in New York but unless the bakery she’s working in pays amazing wages her shifts at the bakery are not really going to touch the sides of his $20K bill!  (Maybe they should just use the fees that they get from the TV company for making the show!!)

Rebecca has this very weird idea to take Mary out for sushi.  Abe and Rebecca both hated sushi when they first tasted it.  Mary doesn’t care for it and Abe and Rebecca eat next to nothing.  I really don’t see the point of the meal – I think Rebecca just wanted to ‘shock’ Mary and get a reaction.  Perhaps she’s worried that she hasn’t started an argument with Mary yet.

Kate goes to work in one of the designer’s stores and is told by the ladies there that they’re all friendly.  I disagree.  I think they just want to be able to question her about this strange boyfriend situation that she won’t talk about and pretending to be her friend is the easiest way to do that.

Jeremiah and Sabrina go for a meal and Sabrina tells Jeremiah that she hasn’t been on a ‘real fancy’ date for many years.  Jeremiah tells Sabrina that he’ll take her on a fancy date as friends.  I think Sabrina still wants to be more than his friend but Jeremiah has a girlfriend.

Esther is sweeping the floor at Kate’s apartment – it’s absolutely filthy!  Esther tells Mary that she would like her ears pierced so Mary tells her she’ll do it with a needle and thread.  I’m not sure where they get the little stud earrings from though?

Jeremiah takes Sabrina on their ‘date’.  Sabrina says to camera that she doesn’t mind if Jeremiah’s girlfriend finds out because it was Jeremiah’s idea.  Sabrina needs to remember that it’s not a real date, he’s just being kind and taking her for a nice meal.

Kate, Rebecca and Abe go for a drink.  What are they talking about – Jeremiah and Sabrina of course.  Leave them alone!!

Back on ‘the date’ Jeremiah is eating mac’n’cheese while Sabrina eats a strawberry dessert.  Sabrina decides to only get a dessert as she says that the restaurant looks fancy and she didn’t want him to have to pay too much.

The clip of the next episode shows the group finally returning to their homes (Kate must be so glad) but the arguments don’t stop!



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