The Great British Bake Off – Episode 3

I’m watching GBBO a bit later than broadcast this week for one reason or another but I’m here now and ready to blog/watch bread week.

I love Mel but I’m glad Sue’s back again this week – they are good on their own but fantastic as a duo.

The signature bake is a chocolate bread.  That sounds just yum to me!  I love bread, I love chocolate; match made in heaven.

Candice is making a brioche bread with salted caramel but she’s ruined it by putting nuts on it – boo!!  Paul scares her when he questions how much butter she’s putting in it – he’s so naughty.

Rav’s making a chocolate cardamom and hazelnut loaf – more stinking nuts; good job I’m not in that tent, I’d have Epipens sticking out of me!

Benjamina is making a loaf with toasted almonds – more nuts!!!!  She has a friendly argument with Paul about the type of loaf that she’s making but it has some name that I’m not familiar with.

Kate’s making a cobbled loaf – finally one that I could eat – and it looks gorgeous.  Chocolate dough, white dough, milk chocolate and white chocolate.  Amazing – yum!

Andrew’s making a chocolate chip Halloween loaf.  It looks a bit dull but we’ll see…

Val’s making a twisted cinnamon and chocolate loaf – that also sounds pretty good.

Tom’s making chocolate orange and chilli.  I’m not sure about this.  Chocolate and chilli I know is an old combination but I’ve never heard of chocolate orange and chilli?

Michael is making chilli, chocolate and chia seed bread.  Not sure.

Selasi’s bread sounds really good, chocolate, orange and cinnamon.

Jane’s making something with nuts in.  I lost interest in which sort of nuts when I heard that.  Why do so many people add nuts to things that shouldn’t have them?

Now, come on Candice, admit it, you knew what you were doing when you said ‘no one likes a small, under-filled ball’!

Watching bread week on Bake Off does make me realise that I want a proving drawer.  I don’t know how it works really, is it just a drawer or is it heated?  Anyway…

Not sure Candice (and her red lipstick) will be getting star baker this week – her’s looks a right state.  Andrew’s loaf does look boring when finished but Paul says that it tastes good.  Kate’s cobbled loaf looks fantastic but, like most of the rest, hers is underbaked.  They are all having massive problems this week with most of them presenting loaves that are partially raw.  I think Tom is the only one who managed to fully cook his loaf, hang on, Rav has too.

The technical challenge is one of Paul’s ‘notoriously difficult’ recipes.  Ok, the recipe is called something German and I wouldn’t have a clue how to spell this recipe so let’s call them steamed German dumplings!

When Paul and Mary taste them they look gross and pale with a burnt bottom.  Mary concludes that they taste like an iced bun without the icing.  What’s the point?

Selasi is doing some very vigorous kneading.

Hang on – time to fast forward the boring history bit.

Back to the bakers making the sauces to go with their buns before trying to divide 900 by 12.

The bakers all steam their buns and have varying degrees of success.  Some of them can’t resist whipping the lid off of their pans every few minutes and letting all of the steam out.  Most of the bakers seem to think that they have burnt the bottoms.

Now, when Paul and Mary are judging the technical challenge they must know who’s made the things by the way the bakers react to the comments but maybe it’s edited that way.

Rav gets bottom spot as his balls could be turned back into raw dough.  Never good!  Candice gets third, Andrew gets second and Val takes the top spot.

The showstopper has a lot to live up to this year.  Do you remember that lion loaf from last year?  This year they need to make a plaited centrepiece.

Kate’s loaf looks and sounds lovely if she can pull it off.  She’s bought a corn doll with her and Mel tells her it looks like some sort of fertility symbol – I think it looks like some terrifying Blair Witch type thing.

Michael’s making a load of separate bits that have olives in and are served with houmous.  I really don’t like olives and I can’t bear houmous so I’d be sidestepping his creation.  It also contains coriander – that has to be the most evil tasting herb of them all.

Candice is making mozzarella and olive bread.  It looks like it will look nice but olives – yuck.

Andrew’s making a basket and is adding cardamom.  Not overly keen on cardamom.  I would like the basket to put nice cheese rolls in but I don’t think I’d be eating that.

Tom’s making a Jormungandr and Mjolnir (I paused the TV to copy that down!)  It’s got walnuts and seaweed in it so I’d be keeping far away from that!

Vals making a plaited ark with animals.  Sounds very interesting.

Selasi’s trio of breads sound good.  Beef, sundried tomatoes and chillies – I’d eat that.  I love ‘tear and share’ bread because you can ‘accidentally’ tear off a massive piece!

Benjamin’s loaf looks ok but there’s all manner of nuts in there so not interested.

Rav is also making a pesto filled loaf.  People tend to forget that pesto contains nuts and I so, so nearly ate some recently until I recognised the colour and the look of it and asked if it was pesto.  You have to be so careful!

Jane’s loaf sounds amazing – chorizo (love that), chilli flower (never had it but I like chilli), parmesan (cheese in bread – fantastic), hang on, pesto!  NO!  Damn that pesto!

Plaiting with more than three strands looks ridiculously hard.  I can just about plait my hair but mainly used to let my big sister French plait my hair – I loved her doing that.  It was one of the times we didn’t argue or pinch each other!!

Mel is bemused by Tom’s ‘very male’ loaf.  He says he’s not going to be led as his Mum will watch the show but he knows what he’s made!

Val cuts her finger and sticks it straight in her mouth – ok to do at home when you’re cooking for yourself and your hubby but not acceptable when it’s for someone else.  Sue steps in and make her do the health and safety stuff.

Jane’s loaf looks a nice colour and it’s baked well but it’s quite boring looking.

Val’s loaf looks a right old state.  I just typed, ‘it’s a right mess’ as Mary Berry said, ‘it’s not a mess, it’s informal’.  I will therefore say that it’s a right informal loaf – it’s also raw!

Tom’s loaves look interesting, and it has a good bake and texture.

Andrew’s basket looks ok – the handle is a bit thick for the basket in my opinion.  Paul seems quite happy with the bake and Andrew goes back to his work station with his weaved basket on his head as a pith helmet of bread.

Benjamina’s loaves look very nice and the judges think they are gorgeous.

Rav’s is a bit spicy for Mary.

Selasi’s plaits aren’t very good but the flavour and textures are good.  Paul doesn’t like it being three separate loaves as he says it’s not a centrepiece as the story isn’t good enough to bring the three separate elements together.

Michael’s offering doesn’t look very impressive and Paul says that they look a mess.  Paul does seem to enjoy some ludicrously strong alcohol though – Mary say’s she’ll have hers after.

Kate’s corn doll does look really good.  Paul loves the textures and flavours so all around it’s a great loaf.  Mary wants to be invited on Kate’s next picnic.

Candice’s ‘loaf’ looks like a massive pile of random bread.  Mary says that the top loaf is close textured and Paul agrees that it’s bad but her bottom loaf is good.  Candice goes back to her station having a little sulk and saying goodbye.

Sue gets to announce the star baker and it goes to Tom.  Mel has to tell Michael that he’s leaving.  Paul says that he likes Michael and he’s a good baker and they’ll meet up for a beer!

Next time, for the first time ever, it’s batter week.  Yorkshire puddings are my favourite and I have a fantastic recipe for them!  Have a look here if you want to make a Yorkshire pudding that can get so massive it hits the top of the oven and you have to panic and start moving the shelves about!

See you next week!



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