Return to Amish – S3, Ep 6

Let’s join the group again and see how many ridiculous and unnecessary arguments can be started this week.

Sabrina and Jeremiah are strolling along the morning after the night before.  I think Sabrina was hoping that her date would bring them closer together but it’s made Jeremiah realise how serious his relationship is.

Esther goes off on her scooter and finds a candy store.  She sees a set of chatter teeth in the shop , remarks they looks like Rebecca’s dentures and decides to buy them for her.  I don’t think Rebecca will really like that!

Mary remarks that she’s missing Lancaster and that it’s time to go home.  The smile on Kate’s face shows that she can’t wait to get her apartment back!

Jeremiah asks when Kate is coming for Christmas in order to be able to express his views that he thinks Kate is ashamed of her Amish past.  Sabrina surprises me by being completely fair and correct and telling Jeremiah that he shouldn’t be talking about Kate like that without her there, especially after she let them all stay at her apartment.  Good for you Sabrina.

Mary goes to see Andrew at the halfway house and tells him that his wife, Chapel, has been arrested for drugs.  Mary tells Andrew that this is the reason that he has to stay away from her.

Kate visits Mary’s house for Amish Old Christmas.

The group sit and play cards.  Mary decides that this year the group will do a Christmas gift exchange.

Kate and Sabrina go to a salon to get their hair and make up done for Christmas dinner.  She gets upset because she thinks she looks lovely but doesn’t think she deserves the treat and it’s not helping her get Oakley back.

Kate decides to make Sabrina a dress.  Abe thinks it’s funny to tell Kate that there is no power in the house to run her sewing machine.  He then goes through the whole rigmarole of bringing his truck and getting a power cable running from his truck to power Kate’s sewing machine.  It’s a bit over the top for a, not funny to begin with, joke.  Kate has stayed in the house overnight so surely she would know whether there was power?  If she hadn’t used anything electrical them surely she would have seen the power sockets on the walls?

Jeremiah gives Esther a Christmas gift.  It’s a mirror saying that she’s a superstar.

Rebecca got Kate’s name in the gift exchange.  She gives her a doily.  Kate looks as though she doesn’t know what to say – I wouldn’t either!  Rebecca didn’t even make it herself.  A very odd gift.

Sabrina buys a gift for Jeremiah.  She buys him coffee beans and a coffee mug.  It’s a nicer and more thoughtful gift than it sounds given their past.

January 6th arrives and it’s Amish Old Christmas morning.  Esther gives Rebecca her Christmas gift.  Esther gives her a table centre which Rebecca says that she’s needed for the longest time.  They say that they love each other but if Rebecca had spoken to me the way that she spoke to Esther she wouldn’t be getting a gift from me!

Abe buys Mary’s gift and he buys her a picture frame with a picture of the two of them in it.

Mary buys Abe his gift and she’s wrapped it over and over and over.  She tells Abe that if he has to work for his gift he’ll appreciate it more.  When he eventually gets down to the gift it’s padded shorts.  Mary thinks these will help him in his job as a truck driver as he gets haemorrhoids from sitting down for too long – just the sort of thing you wouldn’t want your Mum to say on TV!!  Abe tells her that they are bicycle shorts but it’s the thought that counts.

Kate gets Sabrina and buys her a facial and the homemade dress.  I think Sabrina definitely got the best gifts!

The group finally sit down to their Christmas meal.  It looks pretty tasty, chicken, mashed potatoes, biscuits, all good!  Mary says that they’ve all been through a hard year and she hopes that everyone’s coming year will be much better.

Jeremiah has to end the meal on a sour note by kicking off and telling Kate that she’s dropped everyone from her past and she’s embarrassed to be Amish.  Jeremiah asks why she’s there and why he should sit around a table with someone who doesn’t like him.  Poor Kate’s face looked like she’d been kicked.  Completely unprovoked and unpleasant on Jeremiah’s behalf!


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