Great British Bake Off – Batter Week

Let’s be honest – who isn’t talking about the bake off this week?!  I still sit here with the tracks of my tears on my face at the thought that the show will be interrupted with billions of adverts and, most importantly, that Mel and Sue won’t be hosting it.  It just won’t be Bake Off without Mel and Sue.  We seen from Top Gear that if you change the presenters the programme just isn’t the same!  I was horrified to hear a rumour that Davina (TV’s most annoying woman) would be presenting it.  The change of channel doesn’t massively bother me I suppose – I’ll just start watching it a bit later and fast forward the adverts BUT if Davina was presenting it I just couldn’t watch it.  You can just envisage that whoever takes over from Mel and Sue will try and imitate their comedy and you just can’t do that – you have to find your own style.

ANYWAY, lets move on to the Bake Off that is still on the BBC with the wonderful Mel and Sue.

Batter week is a first for GBBO.  I can only think of pancakes and Yorkshire puddings – hate pancakes, love Yorkshire puddings.  It will be interesting to see what else can be done with batter!

Mel and Sue start the show by sitting on a wall and singing a song – this show really, really won’t be the same without them!!

The signature challenge is Yorkshire puddings with a savoury filling in two hours.  I think I would rock this challenge – even if I do make so myself, I make a fantastic Yorkshire pudding!!  Who needs Aunt Bessie when you have my recipe (ok, sometimes I grab a couple of Aunt Bessie’s from the freezer!)

Val is from Yorkshire so Mary tells her that this challenge is made for her.  Val really should knock this one out of the park!

Candice is making a deconstructed beef wellington.  She’s putting horseradish in the batter so they sound tasty.

Andrew is making tapas puddings.  They sound ok until he mentions that he’s putting stinking almonds on top!  Not more nuts!

Jane admits that she can’t make Yorkshire puddings to save her life – my Mum has this problem, she follows the recipe and does everything ‘right’ but they never quite come out right.  Lets hope Jane has a good day in the kitchen today.

Rav is making spicy puds with a tofu curry.  Paul’s face when Rav asks if he likes tofu is reminiscent of mine if someone asks if I like tofu.  That screwed up ‘yuck’ face means big fat no!

Tom is making aloo gobi filled Yorkshire puddings.  He’s using chickpea flour to make his puddings so they’ll have a different texture.

Selasi is making yorkies filled with pork tenderloin and pork crackling.  It seems very popular – Mel seems particularly excited!

Kate is making Christmas dinner Yorkshire puddings.  She says that when she grew up they never had Yorkshire puddings with Christmas dinner – WHAT!!  They are one of my favourite bits if Christmas dinner!!

Benjamina is going to be filled with red onion, bacon and brie – that’s making my mouth water – yum!

In my opinion they are all making a mess of filling their yorkie pudding tin.  They’ve heated the tin but most of them are taking the trays out of the oven.  You need to keep everything hot – I always whip the oven open, burn my arms getting the batter in the tin and bang the door closed as quickly as I can.

Sealsi’s Yorkshires look amazing!  Benjamina’s look a bit pale.  Candice has very thin, unrisen and very poor Yorkshires.  At this stage Selasi is way, way out in front!  I have no idea what Jane has done to her Yorkshires, they look like shortbread?!  Tom’s are terrible as well, very flat and thin?

Tom has made Yorkshire biscuits – even my Mum’s are better than that!  His look like Ritz crackers.

Definitely what you would describe as a mixed bag!  Paul likes the way Andrew has toasted his nuts (and so the puns begin!)  The pout is out and about again as Candice’s Yorkshire puddings are being criticised.  Selasi earns a handshake from Paul for his Yorkshire puddings.  Tom has made, dry, solid and ‘well baked’ puddings.  Mary tells him that she’s not surprised they didn’t rise due to the chickpea flour being heavy.

Next up is the batter technical.  They have to make 12 heart shape lace pancakes.  I used to make my Dad pancakes on Shrove Tuesday but I’ve always hated them so I wouldn’t enjoy this challenge at all.

When Paul holds up a lacey pancake I just think – what’s the point of that?!  Maybe I should eat more things like that which are ‘barely there’ than chunks of chocolate!

I’m hoping that the boring history bit comes on soon because this programme is making my tummy rumble!

Some of the bakers are making crazy intricate patterns – they seem to forget they need to make 12 the same and each one has to be hand piped, cooked and flipped.

Candice’s look good, Val’s look way too think – don’t know what she thinks lace is?!  Benjamina’s look very good.

Mel asks Candice if she’s a tosser or a flipper – Candice replies that she’s a tosser all the way.  Can you feel a pun?!

Paul doesn’t think Selasi has made lace, instead he’s made an aliens face!  Paul thinks that Benjamina has made table mats but the judges also think they’re very good.

Rav comes last and Benjamina comes first – well deserved Benjamina.

The showstopper is 36 churros.  I’ve never had one but they do look good – basically like a long doughnut usually with a tub of chocolate sauce.

Andrew is being ridiculous and coating his churros with pistachio dust – stop baking with nuts!

Candice!!  What are you doing with your churros in stinking peanut butter!  Do you now realise how difficult it is living with a nut allergy?!

Selasi is making little ‘nests’ with his churros batter.  It looks like it would be really hard to fry well.

Jane is also using pistachios.  Vile, vile, vile!

As they are coming out Selasi’s look a bit dark (hmm, burnt?) and very, very oily.

The churros that look like sugary doughnuts look the nicest to me.

Val’s chocolate orange ones look ok, maybe a bit dull.

Tom’s ‘snake’ is not too bad.  They look sugary and doughnutty.  Paul says that they are overdone and dry.

Selasi is told by Mary that they are a little bit dark in colour – Paul tells him they are burnt!  Paul also tells him that the dough is also raw.

Jane’s don’t look bad – I couldn’t eat them but, from a distance, they look quite good.

Rav’s look a bit thin.  They look a bit like matchsticks.  Mary says that they are fatty  and Paul doesn’t like the flavour.

Andrew’s churros look very good but Paul tells him they have been overcooked.

Kate’s bunnies look ok – not much like bunnies though.  Mary said they are nice and crisp but too impregnated with oil.

Candice’s look ok but none of them has the trade mark ridges.  They are too small and fatty.

Benjamina’s are thin but well defined and the right thickness.  The judges love them.  Benjamina has got to be this weeks star baker?

This weeks it’s Mel’s turn to award star baker – it goes to Benjamina – as predicted.

Sue has to tell Kate that she’s leaving this week.  It was pretty much on the cards as she had a terrible week.  Tom was flipping lucky after those completely flat yorkie puds!

So, next week it’s pastry week.

I’ve just realised – no boring history bit this week so I didn’t get to have a Bake Off snack – better have one now after all this blogging!  See you soon!!


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